Writers' Pad

No matter what you write The Writers’ Pad is the easiest way to do it. It goes with you everywhere and all you need is your logon information. Post sections of your work for reader’s comments or set it aside for working on later. You can have multiple Titles and chapters. Remember to put this symbol © beside the title of your work to ensure no-one else can claim it as theirs.

Recently submitted

The Girl in the Red Dress »  The Girl in the Red Dress
by Abbas on 30 April 2016
Fiction1 comment
Time peace »  Time peace
by Suraya Dewing on 20 May 2016
Contemporary1 comment
Northern Winds »  Fa Khaero
by Anna Zhigareva on 23 April 2016
Historic1 comment
Northern Winds »  The Girl, the Harp and the Torchbearers
by Anna Zhigareva on 14 April 2016
Historic1 comment
Northern Winds »  Mako's Dream, and Ari
by Anna Zhigareva on 5 April 2016
Historic2 comments
Little Things »  The Suppressed Must Resurface At Some Point
by Anna Zhigareva on 28 March 2016
Fiction2 comments
Little Things »  Discoveries...or Remembrances?
by Anna Zhigareva on 19 March 2016
Fiction1 comment
Northern Winds »  Don't Place Your Trust In Stars
by Anna Zhigareva on 14 March 2016
Historic2 comments
Craddock »  Shadows (cont)
by Ray Stone on 1 March 2016
Sci Fi/Fantasy1 comment
Little Things »  Linda
by Anna Zhigareva on 18 May 2016
Fiction1 comment