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No matter what you write The Writers’ Pad is the easiest way to do it. It goes with you everywhere and all you need is your logon information. Post sections of your work for reader’s comments or set it aside for working on later. You can have multiple Titles and chapters. Remember to put this symbol © beside the title of your work to ensure no-one else can claim it as theirs.

Recently submitted

Bruce's Blogs »  White Crime
by Bruce Howat on 24 September 2013
Bruce's Blogs »  Difference between Leader-Manager
by Bruce Howat on 24 September 2013
Preview - Twisted Wire 1500 CLUB »  'FISH'
by Ray Stone on 17 September 2013
Crime and Mystery3 comments
Crystal Curls »  And In The Beginning
by Kalli Deschamps on 3 September 2013
The Anniversary »  January 11th
by Kalli Deschamps on 29 August 2013
1 comment
What's In A Smell »  The Beginning
by Kalli Deschamps on 20 August 2013
What happens Next? »  It's Goodbye From Him.
by Ray Stone on 6 August 2013
Non Fiction
Just a Game »  Power Prison
by Kitty Bergeron on 22 July 2013
Suspense1 comment
Police Autobiograhical story »  Chapter 20 - An old friend is back.
by Bruce Howat on 26 July 2013
Biography/autobiography3 comments
Police Autobiography Chapter 20 »  Helicopters without doors are draughty
by Bruce Howat on 15 July 2013
Biography/autobiography2 comments