Hands by Leif Rennes



With ten upon two and many upon few,

The fruits can be ample, or miniscule too. 

Days they may pass, hour through to hour,

Relinquishing progress , or embracing power.

From dawn 'til dusk, through day and through  night,

The work once too heavy, now all the more light,

Yet no matter the task - be it small or large,

No solitary set should escape it's own charge,

Whether working in tandem, alone or with many,

The credit proportionate, for pound or for penny,

As no difficult task to accept all the glory,

Yet no simple matter to absorb one's own folly,

Though one among many, each must accept,

Their personal burden, and no one exempt. 

To be one amongst many, or many amongst one,

The hardest decision, to rebel or succumb, 

Each choice must be weighed, and only by self, 

The outcome pending, to digress or to help.

Consequences dire, or potentially great,

A set makes its own choice, and must not escape,

For the adage familiar, concerned with the harm,

Ought we clench up the fist, or expose the Palm?

Contributions we make on their own merits stand,

The same weight on the shoulders, over each pair of hands.