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This was written as a Mini Writing Challenge for Writers Pen. Between 100 and 500 words using the word silicon in the story… Enjoy!

PS: Family members might recognise this story. :-)


She got up quickly as the doctor came towards her.

“Mrs du Preez, your son’s eye was damaged quite badly by the buckshot. The fovea was destroyed and the lense had to be removed. To stop the retina from detaching we replaced the gel in his eye with medical grade silicon oil. Should the silicon oil do it’s job the eye will retain its shape and he will keep his eye.” Strangely the doctor’s factual description eased the aching worry that Angela went through while sitting in the waiting room.

“Can I see him?” she asked.

“He's in recovery now. They will bring him out in about ten minutes.” He replied

“Thank you, doctor.”

The alarm sounded next to her bed. With determination she got up to wake her teenage daughter.

“Sam, it’s time to change your brother’s dressing again.” she softly called her daughter. It hurt when her son, Stephan, told her she wasn’t allowed to touch his eye, but to be completely honest, she was terrified that she might hurt him. Samantha had the objectivity to clean and medicate his eye without the trembling hands.

Angela prepared everything that was needed. She handed Sam the anti-bacterial soap to wash her hands. Made sure that all the things used during the cleaning was ready. They walked into Stephan’s room and touched his arm to wake him up.

In the dim corridor light, Sam pulled the tape from the eye patch. She removed the cover and dressing from the eye. With careful strokes she cleaned the glue from his skin. Using clean cotton wool soaked in saline she cleaned the eyelids. Ten eye drops were counted as they dropped. Then the antibiotic eye ointment squirted in a long worm along the bottom eyelid, before the eye was closed again and re-bandaged.

“Done” Sam muttered before heading back to her bed. Angela packed everything away before heading back to bed herself.

The first time Stephan complained about the pain in his eye, Angela almost panicked. Back at the hospital the doctor explained that due to the silicon oil the drainage canal had been blocked. The eye produced new gel and pressure built up in the eye. Her teenage son had glaucoma. They needed to operate again to relieve the pressure. The second time it happened she knew what to do. Stephan was taken to hospital for another operation. After weeks of controlled panic, her son got better. Stephan kept his eye, though he couldn’t see very well with it. The absence of a lense and the destroyed fovea gave him no detail. He described it as seeing light and dark without any definition. The silicon oil was absorbed into his body and the natural balance was established again in his eye. The only sign of all the trauma an elliptical hole in the iris. 

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