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The things you stumble across when doing research!
This morning I was working on an idea for a romance starter at The Story Mint.
The setup for the story was a young widow with two kids, boy and girl. Who is having a well deserved holiday. The love interest comes in when she is seen on a daily basis by a famous movie star who is working incognito on a screenplay. Sounds like a typical Mills & Boon story right? You got it :)
Now originally I had the story set in Seattle and he was working out of a two story house/apartment next to a park where she takes her kids on a daily basis. He becomes obsessed with her and finally approaches her. She doesn’t want to be involved with a movie star – too much publicity, etc. He changes careers (because he was fed up with the public lifestyle in any case) and they live happily ever after.
I decided to rather add a bit of local flavour to the starter, since the other serials have all been in foreign (and sometimes frightening) locations. Well, for little old South African me at least. So I tried to set this story up in a South African City/Town/Whatever… and I came up with Margate! If you’ve tried working on a laptop in any South African city you’ll know that the selection of places that supply you with a power outlet is limited. BUT since I was sitting in Wimpy this morning working on my laptop, I thought of the big Wimpy right on Margate’s main beach. Perfect spot for our hero to watch our Heroin.
Since I’m a very fair minded person, I decided to see what info is available on the internet on Margate and Wimpy and if the other serial writers would be able to google any info they needed to contribute to the serial. I found Margate, SA on Wikipedia (PS: what is with the unoriginality of the South Africans? Every single SA place I google, has been named after some other place…. St Lucia, Margate. I mean really!) and I was amazed to see that Margate’s claim to fame was about a HUGE furry water animal that had a fight with some killer whales and then washed up on the shore. The thing was called Trunko. So obviously I google Trunko and it turns out thatTrunko was in fact a globster. In other words a piece of decomposed whale that was unidentifiable because of it’s state. The fur was only exposed connective tissue fibres. Uhhmmm, Yuck!
Of course now I’m stuck with this image of “vrot” whale carcass in my head… I’ll have to skip the romance until later.

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