©This is a Time Travel novel in three parts for young adults 15 plus and upwards. It tells the story of three friends looking for a lost brother. The world they enter is futuristic, dark, Orwellian, and controlled by dictatorship. In order to find the young brother, they must first work with a resistance group working to overthrow the dictator and replace him with the imprisoned President of the World, a man who rebuilt a shattered world after the global war of 2143. During their quest, they must face hostile humanoids working for the government and Fleshumps (deformed early experimental humanoids who turned to cannibalism) and the State Enforcers. Working classes live in special zones. Middle Classes (Uppers) live in suburbia and control the humanoids who's main work is administration and law enforcement work. The Lords, those in government, are the privileged few who enjoy power and wealth. Hep, an experimental humanoid who survived with his own brain intact, is over 200 years old and the leader of the resistance. He has a plan and Peter, Gabby, and Freddie are an important part of it.  

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