Senses - The thirty-minute roundabout

I have a great interest in Sci Fi but  have never attempted to write it until this year. I am initiating myself into writing some short stories - all to do with our senses - sight, hearing and smell. Within each catagory I am writing three starters of 1500 words and then asking readers to let me know which one out of each set of three they would like to read the complete story. The first set to do with hearing, are now posted. Sight will come next. Thank you for your help.

The thirty-minute round-about

©Do parallel worlds exist? What if we could alter life threatening situations by listening in on conversations that were still to take place. Supposing two worlds were out of sync by thirty minutes. Would it be possible that one world’s tragedies could be avoided in the other? Wendell is an intelligent sixteen-year-old. Does he understand who the voices he hears are and where they are coming from and can he recognize when danger is near?

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