Amber, Amber On The Wall

This was written 9 years ago and my third novel - unfinished, there are still 4 chapters left to write. The story centers around two main characters who also appear in the one published novel I have (The Trojan Towers). The main plot centers around the Amber Room, a lost Russian treasure that was looted by the Nazi's in 1942. A fanatical ex Nazi has discovered where the crated panels of Amber are and is using a coded system developed by the Nazi SS to transport them from East Germany to North America via a series of railway links across continents. There are other interested parties involved, including an ex ruthless Stasi agent employed by the Russians. The story is a chase thriller with many twists and turns and ends with an aborted attempt to fire a nucleor missile into the US Naval Underwater Base at Bangor, Washington.

You will notice it is unedited. No apologies - WIP.