Chapter 1

Fear is only temporary but regret lasts forever. Vince and Fiona entered their house with horrific scenarios of the consequences of their actions crowding their minds. The deathly silence between them spoke a thousand words. They both regretted having stepped out of the house in the first place. They feared that they would have to pay a heavy price for the mistakes they had made on that fateful evening.  But how heavy would that price be?

Vince put his arm around Fiona who was now sobbing. He knew she was still innocent, unknown to the ways of this big bad world. She had just found her wings and before she could soar off to live her own life, this harrowing incident was threatening to cut them off.  Vince remembered something he had read many years back. ‘‘Fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Danger is very real but fear is a choice.’

And so he decided not to exercise that choice. And he would teach Fiona to do the same. He would fight tooth and nail with whoever was trying to frame him for whatever reasons.

Years of dealing with hardened criminals had toughened Vince. He had learnt to stay calm, composed and focused even when listening to the most sordid of crime stories. His sharp mind knew how to navigate the complicated labyrinth of criminal law and he had an uncanny ability to twist falsehoods so as to make them appear as indisputable facts and truths. 

 “Don’t worry darling. It’s nothing serious. You know your father will never let anything happen to you.” Vince said firmly.

“But Dad, there were so many people who saw us," she said, trembling. "They would have seen us changing seats and then speeding away. Maybe someone noted our license plate number too." They both knew they did not kill the man and the child. "Leaving the scene of accident is itself a crime,” Fiona said as a shudder went through her.

Vince knew that Fiona was speaking the truth. Fleeing from a scene of accident did amount to a ‘hit and run’ crime. There was no ‘accident’ but that was what it was made to look like. He surmised that if someone had indeed seen them changing seats, speeding off and noted their license plate number, what would follow would be days, maybe months of legal bedlam.

“Look sweetheart, it was raining heavily. So I doubt anyone noticed anything, especially our number plate. There is no point in worrying about something we are not sure of. For now let the sleeping dogs lie.”  Vince tried to sound nonchalant.

“Your father is one of the best criminal lawyers in town. No one knows how to circumvent the law better than me.”  Vince was not sure whether he was trying to convince himself or Fiona. Now all they could do was to wait for this night to pass and see what tidings the new day would bring.                  




Hi Hemalia

Great to have you as part of The Story Mint.

I was once told by a writing tutor that my writing was like a play where all the surrounding scenery was filled in by actual fixtures which I assumed the readers could see. This has that feel. It would be great if you added some scenery and describe the people as I can't really see them right now. I understand the internal trauma and its  important to describe that but here's a challenge, trying describing that by the way Fiona and Vince behave. In other words show us what is going on. Keep all this in mind for when you write chapter 4.

Cheers and well done. Welcome!!