Where the Widow's Weep

Some would call me a liar, if I'd told them we once knew each other.  My shameful appearance, and filthy attire would certainly give them pause. And, a reason to doubt me.  But, I'd know it to be the truth.  There came a time when her husband's business kept him away for months,  even years. The war had ended. Cities lie in ruin, as twisted metal skeletens that once stood proudly against the clear blue skies of Europe.  Now litter the streets of Paris, while countrymen's  soul- less  bodies, lay scattered among the once, pristine countrysides and vineyards of his motherland.   Edgar J. Debois demolition expertise was called upon by his country.  So, off he went to his make his mark and fortune abroad,   leaving his pretty wife behind with only two servants, to look after her and his possessions.

United States of America, Naval Yard. Virginia- 1945

The war in Europe was over. As was my service to my country;  I was coming home at last.  It wasn't long before I'd found out, the love of my life had fallen for some bartender and left me twisting in the breeze. It was then I decided to head on down to New Orleans. A soldier that I had fought side by side with, made mention about a seductive Creole woman who could see your future  just by looking at a deck of cards.   Where's the harm in it?...my plans for the future lie in ruin, much like those countries, that soldier and I, inched our way across in search of Jerry. That's what the British called the Germans. 

  The naval vessel that carried me across the Atlantic sailed into harbor, near Virginia. We received a hero's welcome. It was good to back in friendly territory. And for the very first time, I cried when they played, "God Bless America." .......I was just a pimple-faced kid when I left for Europe. What the hell did I know about the rest of the world.  Nothing! Not a dam thing, I tell ya.  I was told there was war going on...and that my country needed me. So, I enlisted.  It changes a person. War, that is!... Digs deep down inside of you, looking for the stuff that your really made of.   If you didn't know what you were capable of; it had a way of revealing even the most ugliest of truths, hidden way down inside of the darkest corners of your mind.  And, even though the war was officially over...it really wasn't. At least not for me.


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