Killer on the Road

Eli's plan for the Wane brothers' demise was in motion. He would do this in absolute secrecy.  He didn't want to get Melvin mixed up in this. The less he knew, the better. Melvin was as strong as an bull, physically. However, his mind was another matter.  He was being raised by his father and his mother died from cancer years back.  He never got over it. Who gets over that?

Eli's father was at the family's Winter cabin, hunting brown bears with his friends' from the hunting club.  Mom was visiting her sister in New Hampshire.  He could fire up the ole' Buick and work on the heap, in secrecy.  The head lamps on the car didn't work at all, so he had to spend the rest of the night re-tracing the wiring.  Eli was a master mechanic, but stayed away from any type of auto repairs. He feared an injury, to his fingers or hands and, never play football.  Again!

He pulled his pick-up into his usual spot and went to work.  The sun was setting behind the foothills, triggering the motion-sensored spotlights, as he unlocked the dead-bolt. He reached up and lowered the sensors, to turn them off.  He rifled through his fathers' toolbox, looking for the spool of electrical wiring.  The clanging noise, from the steel wrenches being pushed around, alerted the family dog to the barn.  The long-haired German Shepard charged through the open door.  He quickly recognized Eli by his scent, then began a playful session of pushing and nudging his human friend's legs. 

"Hey Baron!....How's my boy?" Eli stopped what he was doing to spend sometime with the lonely dog.  He lowered himself down towards the ground, and gave the hairy dog a firm hug.  "Whoa, Baron!  You need a good scrubbing!  What have you been digging in?"  Eli nostrils burned from the strong odor of musk on the dog's fur.  The large dog just starred back at Eli with a happy gleam in his eyes, and let out a short-winded bark.  Eli rose up from the barn's dirt floor and continued to gather the needed supplies from his father's toolbox. He glanced over towards the dog's feeding bowls and noticed they needed to be re-filled.  Eli was determination to get started on the Buick, but his friend had waited long enough.  It just had to wait.  He walked over towards the metal container that housed the feed, lifting the heavy bag over his shoulders.  Baron began bouncing around the dirt floor as Eli made his way over towards his feeding area. He poured an extra helping of feed into his steel bowls.  Baron, ravenously began to dine on his supper, but not before, he let out a long-howl to thank his life -long friend.

"Alright! Where was I?" he thought to himself.  The battle between man and steel was proving to be too much for Eli.  He decided to make a rack with spot-lights mounted on top of the Buick; three-in-all,  and set-up a temporary lighting system for it.  Instead of trying to restore the head lamps.  The night temperature began to drop dramatically, as the season's first snow fall began.  Eli walked over towards his fathers' heating blower to warm up the air inside of the barn. He then began welding the needed the parts to assemble his over-head lamps.  It took several hours to craft a metal rack, compact enough,  to set ontop of the car's small rooftop.   Baron had settled into his usual routine, and watched Eli as he, twisted and crafted the steel framework.  He pulled the Buick's battery to check the connection.  When the wires made contact from the battery, it lite up the barn with such intensity, it caused a sensation of temporary blindness. It was just the effect he had been looking for.

Eli's plans were falling into place. The Wanes' brothers would drive down the mountain road. Eli would be on the roadside waiting and listening for the sound of their dirt bike making that high-pitched buzzing sound.  Then spring into action.    Now.  How to lure them out?  That's the easy part!  They always used this road. No matter what.   Eli could hear their engines' buzzing along his dead end road that he lived on.  Sometimes, he'd hear one of Sheriff Ross's deputies chasing after them, with the squad cars' red warning lights swirling and flashing, as the engine's double-barrels, tore in after em', before they had the chance to  slip away through the forest's dirt trails, at the road's end. 

Eli put the battery back into the car, and fired it up.  It started up right away.  Dad always kept this car in top-form. The engine had been modified, and beefed-up.  This baby had been made to race.  Dad spent the entire Summer, fixing it up. He never intended to race her, all he did was sit inside of it, to unwind and shake off a bad mood.  The mileage odometer's digits, had been disconnected. There was no way he'd ever find out what I had done with it, or even used it. Eli would spot weld the frame for the lamps, to the rooftop, then break the weld when the job was finished. Eli still had one problem.  He had to make sure that when either one of them  drove the dirt bike down towards where the asphalt stopped, and the dirt trail began. He wouldn't be able to give him the slip.   Eli had to drive him back out onto the main road and the only way to do that, was to block the entrance with fallen trees.  Then they'd have to turn around, and when they did. Well, that's when the chase begins. Problem solved!  It made no difference which brother was on the motorbike.  Both of them, had to go!

Eli finished welding the steel frame onto the Buick's roof top.  It was nearly Midnight when he wrapped things up inside of the barn.  Baron had hunkered down close to the propane blower, and was fast asleep, despite all of the noise Eli had been making.  The weather outside had turned into a Nor' Easter, and dumped over six inches of heavy, wet snow.  It was a typical New England storm.  Eli wasn't the least bit surprised when he pushed into the door, to find the scenery completely different.  The ice pelts that hit the ground,  sounded like table salt being thrown on a pile of dried leaves, and the maple trees that outlined the property line,  were now entombed in a thick, glaze of ice, that quickly froze to their branches.  Eli let out a quick, sharp whistle. Baron jumped to his feet, at the familiar sound, and made his way to the boy's side, outside.  Eli locked down the barn, then reached up to reset the motion-sensors to their normal settings.  They quickly came back to life, and lite up the back of the house, with enough light, for the two of them to find their way back, safely to the house.  

The answering machine's blinking red light, could be seen through the window of the kitchen, as Eli got closer to the wooden porch, in the back of the house.  He reached down into his demin jeans, his hands now stinging from the freezing temperatures and stiff from working through the night.  He kicked the snow off of his sneakers, at the top of the landing on the steps, then opened the locked door.  The fragrant air from the country kitchen, rushed through the open door.  The sweet aroma of pure Vermont syrup, along with a blast of warm air, came rushing out at Eli, was all it took to lift his spirits, as he entered the house.  Baron shook off the snow and ice, that was clinging to his fur, then slowly walked over towards the kitchen's stone fireplace, dropped down on his rug, in front of it.  "Good idea, Boy!"  The freshly, cut wood was already inside of the steel cradle, along with a starter log.  Eli kneeled down, next to the dog and sparked the wood. It quickly caught fire, and began crackling and popping as the wood caught fire.  The red and orange colors,  cast a comforting glow throughout the kitchen, as it burned brighter.  The two weary travelers sat quietly together, and slowly warmed.  The house had been in the family for generations.  Eli's great, great grandfather built the house in the year 1850.  It had all the country charm of a true New England farmhouse.  The fireplace inside of the kitchen, was built wide enough, and big enough; to stand in.  Mom and Dad, did have to replace the worn-out wooden flooring, and the plumbing. The rest of the house stayed pretty much the same.  The tall, cedar windows were decorated with sheer, white curtains and two lace drapes, that were pulled back with white, satin ribbons.  The paneled walls were covered with family photos, from both sides of the family, and the living area was littered with copper and iron decorations, that were tastefully arranged.  Eli had a twin brother, that died two days after their birth.  Although, Eli never met him. He would often talk to him, when he was alone in his bed, as a small child.  He'd read stories aloud for him, or make a snowman outside of the bedroom window, to make his brother smile.  He was a thoughtful child. He never got lonely, or even bored, there was far too much to learn and do growing up on a Vermont farm.  Why even, Baron was a third generation dog.  The family kept the litter from the previous dogs, every one of them, long-haired German Shepards'. 

Eli sat silently, starring at the flames that were now, stretching high into the chimney.  The plans for the Wanes' brothers didn't seem to bother him, and he'd wonder why that was?  After all, we are talking about murder? Yet, Any thoughts about not going through with this, never crossed his mind. He was committed now.  This would go on and on.   He had his eyes on a prize - A Heisman Trophy, then the Superbowl Championship.  His focus had to be solely on this one thing, he had dreamed about all of his young life.  This had to be done, no matter how immoral the deed.  

There be no chance of the Wanes Brothers, moving around in this storm, on their dirt bikes.  Although, they have been known to use a snowmobile, from time to time.  "First thing in the morning, I'll have to go chop down the smaller trees down by the trail, and block that path off, so they have to turn around, and when they come back, Well that's when the fun starts!" Eli thought to himself, then smiled.  The fire was burning hot now, as the logs quickly turned to glowing embers.  Eli took off his boots and placed them near the fireside to dry, he stripped down to his bare skin and walked his clothes over to laundry room entrance, then walked over to the icebox.  He reached inside and grabbed an energy drink to quench his parched throat.  He picked up a piece of leftover steak and tossed it over to Baron. He caught the meat in his mouth, gave it a couple of nibbles, then swallowed it.  Eli let out a quick laugh, then shut the door.

  The red light on the answering machine caught his attention.  The voice on the tape machine were messages left by his father.  "Ahh, Hey's Dad...Don't forget to keep the blower on in the barn, Otherwise, those water pipes will burst!... You remember that Brown Bear I told you about?  Big Ben!  Well, Ole' man Jennings had him in his sites and just before he could bag the elusive bastard,... the ridge collasped beneath him! Can you believe that, Son?  What are the chances of that? Eli's father erupted into laughter. "Well , Hey....I'll be back on Wednesday..I tried to reach your mother in New Hampshire, but the phone lines are out, So pass that along to her will ya, Eli. ... Take care of the farm and I'll see in ya in a few days."  Eli listened as the next message began playing aloud, it was Dad again. "Listen Eli.  Dwayne Meyers is going to be off-loading his tractor this week-end.  I told him to pull it into the barn.  Go into my safe and give him the white envelope. You'll see it. It has his name on it!..Oh, and   There's an envelope for you, too!... Happy Birthday, Son!.. I'm real proud of you!"  End of messages.  Eli couldn't believe it.  It was now 1 a.m. and he had to get dressed again to go back outside to the barn, and pull the Buick out of the barn.  He stormed into the laundry room, and put his greasy clothes back on.  Baron jumped up to follow.  "No! ...Stay here!" he pointed his finger. The dog dropped back down to his oval rug, and whimpered.  Eli sat down by him on the wooden floor and laced his boots back up.  He reached over, and briskly stroked the dog's long fur.  "I'll be back in just a minute...You stay here and wait? OK?"  Eli threw on his down jacket and ski mask, then headed back out into the storm.  The storm had dropped nearly a foot of snow and ice in just a matter of hours.  Eli knew he had to get the Buick back outside.  He couldn't let Mr. Meyers see the car inside with that steelframe welded to it's roof. The icy wind and snow felt like a BB pellets against his jacket, as they bounced off of the material.  The motion sensor lights flicked on as he approached the barn doors.  He fumbled with the pad lock abit, then let himself into the barn.  It 's was warm. Peaceful.  He pulled off the wet ski mask, and swiftly headed towards the back of the barn's double-doors.  He pressed the switch that opens them up, automatically.  The metal tracks began banging as the door's roller wheels rode them, till they opened up.  The snow that was against them poured into the barn, like a deludge.  The air in the barn quickly turned bitter cold.  Eli jumped into the Buick, and then blasted through the snow that still blocked the doorway.  A white cloud of snow surrounded the car, as it smashed through it.  "Alright!" Eli shouted out, throughly enjoying himself, as he did.  The back of the barn was submerged into darkness. Eli put on the lights he had just installed.  It was magnificent!  The lights burned so brightly, you would think that a jumbo jet was crash landing.  "Whooa Wee! Aww, Baby!" Eli screamed aloud.  He cut the lights, then backed the car behind the barn.


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