The wire transfer had gone through. In a blink of an eye, millions of tax payer's dollars deposited into an off-shore  account, bearing the name:  Louis Shepard, Esq.  In reality, Louis Shepard, Esq didn't exist, only on paper.  It wasn't until the point man, Denny Downs, AKA Joey Bag of Dounuts, insisted on a meeting.  He'd been dealing with the me, directly. I told him that's how this worked.  Nobody meets the suits!  The money gets handed over to me and the pencil necks handle the rest.  And, for awhile everybody was happy. As long as the deposits were made into the numerous business accounts Louis Shepard, Esquire's office handled for these guys and got cleaned- up for a reasonable fee of 25% of deposit. Then was re-distrubuted back to it's source.

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