Our cities are becoming more intense; housing wise, quality of life and yet the number of those feeling lonely is growing.   If our feeling of self-esteem, worthiness, likeability is dependent on others, this makes a very shaky foundation for life.  Those with low self-esteem do not feel worthy for others to take an interest in them.


In previous years, it was the elderly who felt lonely, because their lives revolved around work, and being a commodity of their occupation.  Once their working life was over, their whole social infrastructure collapses.


Nowadays the shift includes many young people, where social media has increased the burden of “popularity” to survive.  At the worse end of the spectrum loneliness leads to suicide – no one will even notice if I am not here – my being gone takes the burden I am on everyone else away – I am hurting through the shards of being alone to know how to cope. 


Each day is a drudgery to get through, because who can you convince you are worthwhile to communicate.  An analogy is imagining yourself as a pair of shoes in the local shoe shop.  You are not the popular brand, not the one everyone is picking up and trying on; you are powerless to influence anyone noticing you.


Daily we are bombarded with messages, graphics, posters, advertisements, showing the latest model, glamorise, ritzy, trendy and when you look in the shop window, you see dreary old you.


This is the challenge for society – is this the model of community/life we want?   

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