Book Review - "The Art of Racing in the Rain

I have clever, smart and stupid dogs and speculate what goes on inside their heads.  I guess, pontificate, assume, but never really know.  Writing through the eyes, ears, smell, by a dog is a first for me, philosophical, thoughtful, chasing the mire of life.


Cleverly constructed, holding the reader the “Art of Racing in the Rain” is by Garth Stein.  One of the many unusual twists is that the story starts with the end.  Jaggedly journeying us over jerks and jolts, cleanly celebrating, high and low emotionally draining feelings pervade the reader.   Stein encapsulates all our emotions – all through the watch of the family dog.  Building the story so we speed along at disturbing pace, making the racing likeness faultless.  The dog, Enzo, gives early warning of the vicious cancer invading, creating turmoil, confusion, distress, and plotting. 


Beginning with the end is unusual.  Creating tension with spells of relief holds the reader on the edge of their seat.  Effortlessly we turn the page feeling the need to continue.  Laughter, tears, sadness, joy, all the emotions of life captured in a riveting three hundred-page turner.  


Family life has the shrouds of mystery, closed doors, taboos tossed into the salad mix of life.


Uncomfortable with death creates an environment of weird and unusual, but believably normal behaviors.


Handling these fragile human relationships with wisdom and insight, Stein exposes our own soul. 


Faithfully listening to everyone’s mythologies, Enzo communicates in a genuinely caring manner.  Bigger than Enzo, Stein kind heartedly and eloquently lets us massage the bruised heart of a father wrestling with the brutality of life.


Accordingly, this book is a sensational read and I am thankful to my sister’s family for giving me a wonderful Christmas read.