What is your dream?

In comparison with my hometown, Auckland’s summer is extraordinarily cool. Although the sun is very strong in the cloudless day, the average temperature is quite pleasant. Clearly, people can work hard and study hard in the nice weather. 

Today I want to say something about the dream.

I still remember the first time I was asked about my dream. At that time, I was only a little child in the kindergarten, and my major interest was making a variety of clothes for my Barbie doll. Therefore, I said “My dream is being a costume designer in the future.” After that time, I was hooked on making clothes by hand for my Barbie doll.

After being a primary student, my dream changed to become a teacher. Teachers always managed us or ‘ordered’ us, so I wanted to become a person who was also powerful and authoritative. Now it seems that the reason for that dream is really pure and innocent.

However, when I was growing up, my worries and hesitations were also increasing all the time. Unlike a child who can tell a dream without hesitation, an adult should think more about reality. Because being an adult means that you need to face more pressure and worries, it’s hard to live like a child. But I still like thinking about my dream, since I still want to find a balance between the ideal and the reality.

These years, I usually think about running a coffee house after graduation. I don’t remember when it began. Cooking, baking and making drinks make me happy all the while, and I especially like the atmosphere in the coffee house. Sometimes, I even like to imagine the decoration, the music, the drinks, the food and the guests in my dream coffee house, and the frame is always full of happiness. Though, of course, my friends always remind me that it is not an easy and fun thing when I really run a coffee house. Besides the bright vision and expectations, I need to manage a lot of trifles and consider the problems related to the income and expense. I even saw words on the internet like this: “Running a coffee house is the way to break your coffee dream.” I have to admit that sometimes the doubts could stop me, and I also lack the courage. Nevertheless, I believe that having dreams is the best beginning of letting dreams come true. Moreover, my dream motivates me to keep progressing and keep learning. I believe that your dream has the opportunity to become the reality only if you have the dream.

Not all people change their dreams like me. Some people have a firm dream all through their lives. As a consequence, they have a fixed destination and strong determination all the time. For instance, one of my high school classmates has the dream of being a professional physics teacher. Therefore, she studied physics very hard during high school, and chose physics as her major in university. I guess she is not far away from achieving her dream.

I would say that you should let your dream illuminate your heart.

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