'Daddy, where are we going'--- a TV reality show


A TV reality show called “Daddy, where are we going” was very popular in China. The original was made by Korea, and inspired many people. Therefore, Hunan TV Station (China) brought in the format of the original one and transformed it to the Chinese version.

“Daddy, where are we going” emphasized that paternal love for children was as essential as maternal love. In many societies, taking care of children was women’s work. As a result, some fathers did not even know what their child’s eating habits or living habits were. In this TV show, five fathers took their children to experience different ways of life in several rural and tough places, and mothers could not accompany them. Those five fathers’ occupations were movie director, actor, model, singer and diving champion respectively, so they were busy with their jobs in the usual time.

In each place, fathers needed to do all housework and some farm work they normally did not do. For example, the third place they went was a small island, so the tasks were crabbing, fishing and shrimping. Furthermore, the houses they lived were shabby. Take the second place they went for example, the ‘houses’ they lived were some tents in the desert. In contrast, their own houses were luxury villas or deluxe apartments in big cities.

They stayed at each place for three days, and could not use any electronic products such as cell phones or computers. Another tough task was those fathers had to cook for the children. One father knew how to cook, but the rest did not. It was funny but impressive to see those fathers try their best to study cooking for the children.

There were five kids in the programme. The youngest one was four years old, and the eldest one was only six years old. Before taking part in this TV show, those kids lived in big cities and never in tough environments. Therefore, when they first came to the rural place, some kids could not adapt to the surroundings. For instance, one little girl cried for several hours, because she never went to any rural place before taking part in this TV show. In addition to this, she never left her mother so she could not stop missing her mother. However, after several days, the kids started changing. They learnt to share, to help and to be brave. For example, they could help fathers do some simple housework, such as washing vegetables. The most important thing was they loved their father more, and those fathers learnt how important they were to their children.

As TV viewers, we saw the differences in families’ educational style. For example, some fathers focused on teaching children to be polite while others paid more attention to teaching the children to become helpful. Some viewers compared the different characters of those kids, and wrote aggressive words on social websites to express which child they liked and which they did not like. Besides that, they even discussed some shortcomings about those kids. It was harmful and cruel to say negative things to those children. They were just kids, and they should not be subjected to unkind personal opinions. The adults’ world was different from the children’s world, and we could not judge those kids from an adult’s perspective. Fortunately, most viewers did helpful things, and they talked about each kid’s strengths and said some words of encouragement. 

From this TV show, maybe we ought to think about the role that a father plays in the family, especially some busy working fathers. Although children can live well under their mother’s care, the father’s love is also vital for children’s development.

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