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This morning, I found the really fantastic and special online writing website--- The Story Mint, and it seems that I have already found a new start to learning English as my second language.

I am a Chinese student who studies at Massey University of New Zealand. Now, I am taking part in the internship programme between Massey University and ecentre limited. In the last two weeks, I acquired a lot of practical knowledge from the internship. At the same time, I also find some varieties between studying and working. Generally speaking, studying in schools is a way of enhancing the ability of handling problems and learning new things. However, the working environment requires more practical experience and comprehensive capability. Anyway, I will try my best to learn and work during this precious internship period.

When talking about studying English, I want to share some personal feelings from past experiences. Before I came to New Zealand, English was just like a subject or task in school studying process. The only way I engaged with English was being a student in compulsory English class. Unfortunately, at most time, teachers mainly taught us fixed rules of grammar or vocabularies, and required us to memorise sentences or even paragraphs. There was insufficient part for inspiring student to learn English as a natural tool or art.

I understand that achieving a high score is the major thing in English studies process for school students in China, and the intense competition makes most students learn for getting excellent grades. Honestly speaking, sometimes I just thought it was really boring to memorise those things mechanically, so my grammar is poor.  However, I also find that being familiar with grammar and memorising lots of vocabulary is helpful for further study. For example, one of my friends studied very hard in high school, and he knows a lot English words and grammar principles. Although his oral English is not good enough, his advantage can definitely show up when he does some English reading practice or tests. Because he knows a lot of words and principles of constructing sentences, understanding the true meaning of articles is easy for him.

After being an international student in New Zealand, I strongly feel that English is a vital or essential tool for everyone who is in the international position. To be honest, I am not confident with writing in English because I am always afraid of making grammar or vocabulary mistakes. Moreover, I always write in an academic style and even cannot create some vivid expressions in articles. As everyone knows, there is huge number of differences between different languages, so sometimes I am confused about the logical thinking of English as well. Too much concern makes writing in English become a difficult thing for me to start with. Nevertheless, it seems that I have found the place to address my problem. The Story Mint wants to create an environment for people to grow up from A Person to Crafts Person. I think the only thing that I need to do is writing, realising and writing. Therefore, I will try to write or record something about my daily life here, and be a hard-working English learner.

Welcome to comment my writing and point out my shortcomings, and I appreciate your help and encouragements.   

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Hi Alice

English is my first language and I have never been able to understand the rules of grammar.  I have had goes at learning three other languages throughout my life and never suceeded at any of them.  I always admire and respect people like yourself who have mastered a second language.  I cannot comment on the grammar on your blog, but I understood what you were saying and that is the basis of communication.  Well done!  I'm also glad you are finding the Style Guide useful - I'm already at a point where I don't know how I would cope without it.

Hi Bruce

Thank you very much for the comment. Sometimes, it is really hard to fully master the second language, because the first language is ingrained. Besides, there are many differences in the way of constructing sentences or paragraphs in different languages. However, it is very interesting to learn a different language. The style guide is very helpful, and I can make some adjustments according to the result. I believe that I can acquire a lot of skills and knowledge from the website.