Code of Ethics


Stylefit - Strategic Framework

English writing for a local/global world

Encouraging members to be the best they can be, via writing products and services

•    Make writing simple, understandable and fun  

Values – our behavioural compass
•    Creativity and Innovation
•    Committed to excellence in literacy and learning
•    Collaborative
•    Integrity
•    Trust

Our Code of Ethics
We encourage diversity and difference of thought and treat everyone with respect and dignity.
We respect the laws and customs of people who use our services.
We ensure a safe and secure environment and the confidentiality of all professional or private information.
We abide by best governance and management practices.
We build the spirit of collaboration in all our relationships with staff, customers, providers and communities.


Stylefit identifies your writer’s ‘voice’.

By registering you receive:

  1. A comprehensive report on your writing, including help with sentence structure, dialogue and characterisation
  2. Analysis and a comparison of your writing to famous, successful and respected authors
  3. Your work benchmarked against which you can measure your writing
  4. Guidance on how to develop your own distinctive writing style - your ‘Writer’s Fingerprint’
  5. A 26 point Writing Checklist
  6. Information on different Story Structures
  7. Help to craft blogs, reports and other writing - non-fiction and fiction.


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