Poetry competition

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11 July, 2015 to 24 July, 2015


Hi! I wish to enter the competition. What is the process for doing so?



Hi! I wish to enter the competition. What is the process for this ?


I am so sorry I didn't pick up on this earlier. The competition You will see that you buy entry for $5 and then the form for entering comes up. We have extended the entry deadline by a week so you can enter.

We look forward to reading and publicisng your entries.



She looked up and gasped for breath.

She had held it for too long.

Those eyes pierced her very depth

O that is where she'd belong!


So this was what love felt like-

hard hitting and so strong.

She had known only to like

 for her love was always wrong!


Stepping out on stony ways,

she had searched for so long

For those elusive, phony days,

that were all set to song!


She stopped, still  in mid stride

wondering what had gone wrong.

She stared swallowing her pride

as someone else came along.


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