Chapter 9

Written by: dannyo77

Servany sat in his black Mercedes staring intently at the library. The call from Nadine had been a surprise,  not a pleasant one. Once again she was ruining his well thought out plans. He could not fathom how O’Connor had messed up the instructions he sent him this morning.

Servany would never attend a spontaneous operation like this normally, but with the disappearance of Tony into thin air overnight, he would rather not hang around his offices. The location had been compromised. Instead he concentrated his efforts on carefully surrounding the library. The significance of the library was not lost on him. Obviously Nadine had tucked the children in there while she negotiated with him.

There would be no negotiation as far as Servany was concerned. She was going too far this time and he would make her pay. First he had to determine her exact location, then he would close the net on her.

He noticed the chatter on his radio unit had died down.

“What’s going on! Where is she?” he radioed.

“No sign of her, sir, but perimeter is secure. Three observers were watching inbound routes. Nothing to report.”

Servany wriggled agitatedly.

“This is taking too long,” he murmured. He decided to spring his trap, just in case she was not in the library.

“Move in, keep it discrete.” He watched as four men moved toward and entered the library.

No sooner had the last man entered than the passenger door of his car was flung open and he found himself staring down a barrel.

“You still attend your operations by yourself, Servany?” Nadine had that wry grin on her face. She had done him over again.

“You’re too late, you worthless bitch! My men have your children.”

“The men that went into the library?” she chuckled. “The children are nowhere near here. Start the car; She shoved the gun toward his face and yanked the radio out of the dash in one smooth motion.

Servany was furious. He clenched his fists but felt the cold metal of the gun press into his neck.

“Start the car!” Nadine yelled.

He conceded and started the engine. As they pulled out,  Nadine threw a small, crumpled, paper bag on the dash. He looked at it suspiciously as he pulled onto the road.

“Are you still good enough to tell a fake from a genuine article, Servany?” The question hung in the air as he refused to answer.

“We’ll find out soon enough. Let’s pay a visit to your favourite antique store.” His suspicion dialled up another notch. Nadine seemed to know everything.

Mandy was beside herself with fear. How had this all been so easy back in those days? She could tell by the look in Servany’s eyes that she had hit close to the mark with her guesses.

Curiosity drove her to get into Brad’s little safe years ago. What she recalled of its contents was the only clue she had to work with.