Chapter 1

Written by: Kalli Deschamps

“Okay, you coward,” howled my miserable conscience. “Do it!”

I took step number one and readjusted my awkward bundles.

Step number two. I stumbled and fell, scattering groceries and mail across the pitch, dark room.

“Oh my God!” I screamed.

It was huge and soft and smelled! I was so scared. My body trembled like a bowl full of jelly. This was no figment of my delirious imagination. This was a something! I reached for the light switch, turned on the light and promptly fainted.

I’m not sure how long I was out. I must have cracked my head when I hit the floor. It was pounding inside my skull like a frenzied drummer. The salty tears began to flow. I heard myself scream and sob; hiccup and moan. I had fallen over a human body, but not just any body. This was my husband; my traveling salesman husband! He was due home tonight, but not like this! Someone must have dragged his dead body up three flights of stairs, used his key and left him for me to find. But,why?

He’d been gone for a week. Had he been dead for a week?


I couldn’t help myself. I threw up all over his dead body. Who could do this? What had he done? He smelled so bad I couldn’t bear to touch him.

I collapsed on our new leather couch, the one we had saved for so long to purchase. I tried to stop crying. I had to think. What should I do now? My mind is a blank. I loved him so much. The tears kept falling, soaking the front of my new purple and white striped Chico shirt. I finally stirred myself to get up and open the window, pick up the groceries and mail. I had splurged to buy thick rib steaks to broil as a treat for our welcome-home supper. Some “welcome-home” supper this turned out to be.

I need to call someone to help. But who would be best? I finally decided on the cops. My hands were shaking and my eyes were blurred blurred from the falling tears. I struggled to remember a phone number. 911 That’s it. Before I could find my phone, it rang! Where was it? My purse! Where was my purse? The phone kept ringing…and ringing! God damn it! Where is it? I tried to brush the tears from my eyes so I could even see. It kept ringing!

I finally found my purse amidst the scattered groceries. I grabbed for the phone and managed to turn it on. “Hello,” I sobbed.

“I take it you found him,” snarled the voice at the other end of the line.

“Who are you?” I sobbed. “Why did you do this?”

“Never mind who I am, Girlie! You just listen, you hear? If you try to call anyone, and I mean anyone, you will be as dead as he is! You hear me? ”


I could sense her stress, confusion, shock through her thoughts and your wonderful descriptions. And the ending is a fantastic twist. This could go anywhere. Great stuff, Kalli.
Excellent. Who wouldn't throw up over their dead husbands body.