Turning Point

Written by: Mrellan

Cate picked up her keys, briefcase and purse from the hall table where she placed them last night.  Before backing the SUV from the garage, she checked the calendar on her cell phone; then she noted the time.  A quick glance in the mirror reassured her.  Her long blond hair was done up in a stylish French braid and nearly invisible make-up gave her a classic look.  A tailor cut, grey wool suit flattered her fashion model figure.  

No one would ever know that two days before she received divorce papers, ending a ten-year marriage.  All of their friends thought they were the ideal couple.  No one would ever know Jim had not spent a night at home for nearly a year.   No one would ever know about the second mortgage taken out to pay back payments Jim spent on gambling and his latest girlfriend. No one would ever know about the bottle of thirty sleeping pills she kept in the back corner of the drawer in her bedside table. 

Cate arrived at her appointment ten minutes early.  She went into the ladies room, brushed invisible lint from her skirt, applied new lipstick and practiced her best smile so no one would ever know how afraid she was of failing.  The meeting went flawlessly, one and a half hours later Cate called her boss to report the signing of a new contract that would make her company a tidy profit of a half million dollars.

Cate took a rare moment to congratulate herself as she drove back to her office for the production meeting at 12:30.  She didn’t see the light was red at the intersection.  She never saw the cement truck pick up speed as he came toward her.  The air horn blasted through her head right before she felt the impact of the side door and everything went black.

The paramedic called for an engine with a “Jaws of Life” before the ambulance came to a full stop.  A quick wail of the engine’s siren, three cars behind, answered.  It took an interminable eighteen minutes to remove the door of the crumpled SUV.  Surprisingly, she was alive.  A quick assessment told the medic she had a flailed chest and fractures in both legs.  Her left arm looked crushed beyond repair. 

The ambulance driver gave a report as he drove the six miles to the hospital, “…..two large bore IV’s running wide open.  Paramedic is currently attempting intubation.  Trauma surgical team needed.  Medic says notify the blood bank.  ETA three minutes.”

Cate spent less than fifteen minutes in the ER before going to Surgery.  Ten hours later, she lay in a medically induced coma in the ICU.  Her condition would be critical for at least another seventy-two hours. 

The surgeon spoke with her husband in the hall outside the glassed in room, “I will never know why she is still alive.  If she lives she will have a long, difficult recovery ahead of her.”

Author: Mrellan Harahan (USA)



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Slice of life drama nicely written. We have a little of everything here - tension and family upheaval simmering below a terrible road accident. I found this an interesting scenario despite not being a fan of medical orientated work. Mrellan has left the story hanging with a variety of possibilities for the next writer.