The Third Shadow

Written by: Suraya Dewing

As he entered the restaurant Marcus dipped his head. Although lanky, no one noticed him standing just inside the door, surveying the scene. It was one he had seen many times - staff straightening tables, making swans out of napkins and polishing cutlery.
Marcus checked his watch. Ten minutes to opening time.

He made his way to the double hinged door leading to the kitchen and pushed through. At the shuffle of his boots Jonas looked up, cleaver raised above a chopping board on which lay chunks of meat.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ Jonas demanded.

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Marcus dipped his head as he entered the restaurant. He frowned impatiently. One day people would build doors for tall people.

The restaurant was busy, with workers preparing for opening time.

Shame it wasn't going to happen. A smile played on his lips and his eyes tightened.

A young woman straightened the silverware at a setting and carefully positioned the swan she had just made from folded napkins.

Marcus checked his watch. Ten minutes to go. He entered the dining area and strode toward the swinging kitchen door. The waitress setting up the table looked up and sucked in a deep breath.

He marched to the double hinged door leading to the kitchen and pushed through. At the shuffle of his boots, Jonas looked up, cleaver raised above a chopping board on which chunks of meat lay.

‘What are you doing here?’ Jonas demanded.


Marcus’ lip curled.

‘Thought I’d pay a visit.' He sent Jonas a bitter glare from ice blue eyes, 'But really it’s none of your business.’

With a toss of his head he dismissed Jonas and looked across to where Marie was preparing meringue desserts.

At the sound of his voice, she turned, ‘Marc….’ she started to say.

Marcus pulled a gun from his pocket and aimed.

‘No…o…o!’ Jonas shouted, throwing himself at Marie.

Somewhere behind him he heard the shot cut through the air. As he caught Marie he saw her eyes grow wide and shocked. She stumbled back. Together they fell to the tile floor. He lifted himself from her, horror clutching at his heart. Blood was spreading in a jagged circle on the front of Marie’s white smock. Staggering to his feet he ran after Marcus who had turned away, grim.

‘Why?’ Jonas screamed. ‘Why would you do that to your mother?’

Marcus paused, his hand up to push the door. He pointed the gun.

‘Stay clear Jonas. I don’t want to hurt you.’

Marcus left. The doors swung and rasped against each other.

Jonas sucked in a deep breath. It required an enormous effort to keep from running after Marcus. Instead he focused on the devastation around him.

‘Janie, call the ambulance!’ he yelled. ‘And the police!’

The breath-held aftermath broke into a cacophony of banging furniture, shouting and awful sobbing. Numb, Janie stabbed at the telephone numbers.

A shadowy form slipped out the back door and into the night. She had seen it all.
Authors: Suraya Dewing (NZ), Gregg Mattson (US), Raymond Stone (US)


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I was supposed to book a space here but it appears that I am too late. Hope it goes well and look forward to the post beta edition!
I was thinking about booking a space but it seems that I am a little late. I hope that there is a chance for me post something during the beta edition.
The serial you mention in your blog seems to a fantasy writing. Do you have more than one story in progress? I would like to book a chapter at some point in time. As you see my interests and the type of novels I have written, I would be interested in something of that type, since this one is booked. Let me know your plans.
I think it would be a good idea to try and enter as many serials as possible and have a go at writing outside the comfort zone rather than wait for one that you can get your teeth into.
I agree with madbrit on this one! What a perfect opportunity to stretch out and work in a genre or style that one normally doesn't write in. I hope to enter into every serial I can with the goal of staying as true to what has gone before as possible.
I've read all the chapters now and one trend I see is the overuse of dialogue. At times it feels like I'm reading a play script rather than a piece of literary work. I appreciate the writers are under pressure for turn around, but the use of narrative takes away my ability to visualize the scene - it is as though I'm being told what to think and see rather than letting the reader create their own imagery.
I could not agree with you more. Obviously there will be dialogue but setting the scene so the reader can visualize the surroundings, noise, smell, feel etc. is just as important. Good POV
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