Written by: Hemali Ajmera

From behind the sheer curtains she stood silently watching the gruesome act unfold before her. In spite of the pale moonlight, or perhaps because of it, she could not clearly see the faces of the victim or the murderer. 

She wanted to scream; wanted to stop him. But she felt frozen, rooted to the spot. So she just watched in horror.



He plunged the knife in her stomach and stabbed her – once, twice, thrice…

She screamed out in pain and collapsed on the carpeted floor clutching her stomach. The assailant wiped the bloody weapon with his victim’s scarf and watched expectantly as she stopped breathing.

And then ruthlessly, he dragged the dead girl toward a green metal trunk resting against a brick wall and facing a large canopied bed. Holding the girl in his arms he muttered, “I am sorry I had to do this. But you left me with no other choice. If only you had kept your promise.”

Placing her body in the heavy trunk, he looked at her longingly one last time. 


The sun was shining brightly when Lea woke up with a start. Perspiring profusely and trembling with fear, she looked around to take stock of her surroundings. 

The dream had been so vivid that it almost felt real. Her grandma had once told her that early morning dreams often came true. Lea shuddered at the thought but then deliberately brushed it aside as an old wives tale and got out of bed.

She had a long day ahead of her – an important presentation at the office for the Chinese clients and then a couple of meetings. But before that she had to drop by Julia’s house and pick up the pen drive.

Julia Rand was a member of the marketing team that Lea headed. She was very creative and tech-savvy. Lea always entrusted her with preparing presentations because she was really good at it.

The previous night Julia had messaged Lea that she had to leave town on some urgent business. However, the presentation was ready and saved in a pen drive. Lea could drop by her apartment and pick it up from her roommate. 

When Lea arrived at Julia’s flat, the door was ajar and she was surprised to find two police officers talking to Julia’s distraught roommate.

“Hello, I am Lea, Julia’s boss. Is something wrong?”

“We are very sorry to inform you that Miss Rand is dead. A jogger spotted a large metal trunk containing her body early this morning in the woods near Lakeshore. Her purse was found in the trunk too, helping us identify her,” the female officer solemnly stated.   

Julia, murdered?

“How?” Lea barely whispered.

“The body has multiple stab wounds and has been sent for post mortem. It is a clear case of homicide so investigations will begin soon.”

Tremors of shock and disbelief coursed through Lea.

“Was the metal trunk green?” she asked feebly.

“Yes, but how do you know that?” asked the surprised officer.


Writing Order: A_Jamwal (India), Joe Labrum (USA), Suraya Dewing (NZ), Leif Rennes (Scotland), Jasmine Groves (Australia),  Ant Gavin Smits (Samos Island), Ray Stone (Cyprus), Rosemary Wakelin (Australia), Donna McTavish (NZ), Hemali Ajmera (India)



Blimy, there's a lot of blood flowing around in the serials at the moment. I'm like a vampire and can't resist. Good opening, Hemali. Just enough background to paint the general picture and a glimpse at the main characters. Lovely description of the murder. Too often someone just finds a body but when you see them killed, especially in the opening scene, the act of violence puts the reader on edge and the prospect of expectancy for more becomes almost unbearable. I can't wait to participate. Great work, Hemali.
Thanks Ray. Looking forward to reading your take on the story.