Chapter 9

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

In a dream state I felt the Silver Wraith stopping at Knockfennel.  Misty tendrils drifted towards us from the shore of Lough Gur where the sun had settled beneath the horizon only minutes before.

Mist drifted around us as we hiked up Knockfennel, the pale shimmer of the moon our only guide through the night. An eerie call shrieked from the dark as a tawny owl rushed away disturbed in his nocturnal hunt.

Soft chanting enveloped me. Then Florence’s husky voice called out “Come to me”. My vision in the car had come true. There she stood heavy eyed, wrapped in floating white mist, the crown of thorns balanced neatly on her head. I stumbled to a stop in front of her. Old Celtic chants issued from her with rhythmic regularity. A burning Smudge Stick sent the sweet fragrance of Salvia Divinorum around me. It lifted my consciousness up and set me floating above the hut circle.

“Cleansed,” Florence told her father.                                 

I watched in awe as this ethereal beauty stepped forward to embrace me. For a moment I sincerely wished that I was back in my body so that I could put my arms around her.

Thomas stepped up behind me. The knife glinted in his hand as he cut a strand of hair from my head. He added his voice to the chant and distributed the hair to the four points of the compass. Doctor Flo stepped back and turned to face Lough Gur.

A spiral of light expanded from the hut circle. The surrounding countryside transformed into a fairy aspect as unearthly light passed by. Ghostly figures appeared at the spectral light. They came in ones and twos from the lake, drawing closer as we stood there. Father and daughter chanted away and the area around us filled with spectres of various coloured light.

Abruptly they stopped chanting. In a sonorous voice Thomas called out a greeting. The golden figure of the Bean’Ti of Lough Gur approached them. I never thought it possible to see anyone more beautiful than Doctor Grace, but the vision of the Bean’Ti snatched me back into my body.

“Oh! Beautiful Vision, let me be your ever adoring servant” The words gushed out of me. I wanted to stay in her presence until the end of days.

The Bean’Ti lifted her hand and softly touched my cheek. “Tim, your wish I will grant, but only for a while. You will be returned when the time is right.”

From that moment on my memory dimmed. A feeling of deepest content lingered as I found myself back in the hut circle next to Lough Gur beneath a large tree. A tree that had not been there moments before.

Horrified I stumbled back to the lake. My quivering knees unsteady as I leaned over the water. I had to go back. In the reflection from the lake an old man stared back at me. Agony coursed through me.


Sumanda Maritz (SA)



Tremendous effort. Sumanda has kept the high standard of creative writing that has marked this serial as the all time best in my view. You can't just invent this kind of pros. You have to research. I loved the hook. Our hero has turned old prematurely and that definitely follows faerie folklore. This has changed my mind about faeries.
Wow, you had me transported to another place. I felt and saw every detail. It was magic! Very clever and well done. And the end was stunning! Great to have you back writing Sumanda!
Thanks! It took me a while to get back into the writing groove. I'm glad you like it so much.