Broken Heels and Broken Hearts

Written by: Jasmine Groves

A wolf whistle blasted through the air. Lucy managed to stagger to a stop, while catching her heel in a crack in the pavement. It was followed by a snapping sound.

“Damn” Lucy muttered, as she bent over and investigated the damage to her perfect black suede Jimmy Choo’s – broken beyond repair. Standing up waving the offending shoe, she gestured her displeasure.

It summed up her week really, plenty of unwanted attention and things ending up broken.

Jim at work was being really difficult. She had noticed his pointed looks every time her phone rang, and his sighs as he breathed down her neck each time he found her gazing at her Facebook feed.

Things with Trent hadn’t been that good either. Last night’s dinner had been dire and not just the food, but the conversation also. His chocolate brown eyes and mop of blond curls hadn’t been enough to distract her from the sense that something deep was going on in Trent’s head and it was not about her.

The final straw, before this final straw, had been this morning.

After a mandatory 10 hours beauty sleep on her silk pillow, with her eye shutters on, she had woken feeling quite chirpy. It was Friday after all. The water in the shower had been hot and the mirror hadn’t fogged so she could happily gaze at her face as she worked her magic with her makeup.

Skinny jeans had slid on without her having to wriggle and jiggle on the floor and she had managed to put her hand on a clean t-shirt. A trip to town was just what she needed so she had pulled on her high heel boots… not the ones that are so high they were only good for sitting in bars with... no, these ones were perfect for elongating the leg, and adding that ‘X’ factor to any outfit.

So after a week of mediocre, Lucy had pranced downstairs full of optimism, sat at the kitchen table and that is when the axe had come down.

“Lucy?”  Her dad had slumped at the end of the table in his bathrobe, and stared towards her feet then asked, “How much did them there shoes cost?”

Lucy grinned. “Dad-dy, you won’t believe what a bargain they were, I got them on special for 525 pounds.”

“Ye what, ye paid what for them? Here’s ya Ma and me working all bleeding hours… you don’t pay a cent of rent and you are garbed up like you going to the bleeding Oscars.”

Swinging up from the table, and ruffling her angelic blond hair Lucy had blown a kiss and quickly exited the kitchen. Now, hours later, walking past the building site she was still miffed. She knew where that conversation was going – paying rent… argh.

Hobbling along on her broken heel, she felt she might never be happy again, damn Trent, beggar poxy Jim at work. Hopefully an afternoon shopping could perk her up.

Writing order: Rosemary Wakelin (Aus), Greg Rochlin (Aus), Donna McTavish (NZ), Jasmine Groves (Aus), Ant  GavinSmits (Samos), Diana Labrum (USA), Iliena Bosu (India), Abhimanyu Jamwal (India), Suraya Dewing (NZ), Jasmine Groves (NZ).