A Two and Eight

Written by: Ray Stone

The Odean cinema was an ideal venue for the talent show. Tanner pushed his way through the crowd of hopeful teens waiting in the foyer for a call over the tannoy. The stub on his ticket showed California Blue as his song and his competitor number. He neared the front and spotted Louise almost at the same time as an announcer called her name. In a short pink dress and with her long auburn hair restyled, including pink strip colouring, Tanner looked admiringly at her. He felt a lump in his throat and waited for her to go through the auditorium doors.

“I’m her chaperone, mate.” Tanner nodded at the doorman. He crept inside as Louise walked down the aisle and slowly climbed the steps to the stage. 

After being questioned by the panel, Louise started to sing. Tanner sat and listened, engrossed. As she finished, the audience of other auditioned contestants and their supporters applauded loudly. Tanner rose and tripped as he stepped into the aisle. He made it to the foyer and back into the street. Rain soaked his hair and jacket, but his mind was on Louise. Everything about her performance was superb, and she looked every bit a star. 

Tanner jogged, his thoughts focused on Louise. He found cover under a bus shelter. Out of breath, his emotions suddenly boiled over. He clenched his fist and hit the plastic wall with force. “Damn you, Louise,” he sobbed.


 “I saw him. He tripped over something. He was there.”

The caller pulled a sympathetic face. “I’m sorry miss. He’s missed his slot.”

Louise’s heart sank. Tanner singing? Perhaps a little stage-fright, she thought. Maybe he did it to get back at her.

She caught a taxi outside to take her back to work. Rehearsals for the summer show were due to start in two hours, and there was a meeting to decide what to do about Marge. She decided to go to the props room after arriving. Tanner sometimes hid there to smoke or when in trouble. 

Just outside the small room, she stopped. She could hear Tanner talking to himself. On the floor by the door was a torn contest ticket stub.

“ You could have told her. You should have, you stupid bleeder. You bloody idiot!”

Louise stepped through the door and grabbed him, pinning him to the workbench.

“Shut your gob, and you listen to me, Tanner. If you had enough watch and chain and looked past my braces and bacon and eggs you’d have got it through your loaf of bread I’d like to be your turtle dove. So stick that up your Kyber-pass.”

Before Tanner could answer, she kissed him passionately. 

Tanner was lost for words but eventually managed a grin. “Where the bleedin’ hell did you learn all that?”

“Never mind. Just ask me, damn you.”

Tanner stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at the floor. “Well…Ok…Would you please let me take you on a two and eight?” he said quietly.



well, isn't this just a bit of Robin Hood writing :)
Robin Hood indeed. You've really filled out these two.

Changing POV within such a short chapter is risky, as there's not much time to really get inside one head before it becomes the other. But you've done it well here.

Now they've admitted their feelings, how will this affect their dynamic in the rehearsals?
Thank you, Donna, for that. I guess in future I will have to watch my P's and Q's though.
Thank you, Ant, for what is a record you have created. Two nice comments in a row and no crits. I am, Sir, amazed but pleased you liked it. I am sure your creativeness will answer your own question next week. Thanks.

For those who want to know or those who think they know - If you had enough brains and looked past my airs and graces and legs you’d have got it through your head I’d like to be your love. So stick that up your ass.

Two and Eight – date.
OH yes and - Robin Hood, GOOD!
- And from us to you Donna - I say, you deserve evening hours for that lump of ice you gave while having pig and roast with Rosie Lee. I hope you can do the same for all those Dustbin Lids Suraya has lined up. As for me and Ant - WE will continue to tell our Jackanory even though we get a little Scotch Mist now and again. Thank you for the great job you are doing so its good night from Samos and from Cyprus that I think might sink very soon.
Love this. You guys have got this. No Dustbin Lids here. Brilliant.