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From Tamal Dutta

By the end of last year, I had completed a novel, which is now in the process of getting edited and I hope published. Recently I was also selected for an internship with the Director of a reputed film-making academy in India. This has become possible only because of the knowledge I gained by being a part of The Story Mint team and coached, especially by Suraya Dewing and Raymond Stone.

I joined their Writer’s group on LinkedIn in the year 2010. At that time I was looking for a group which could help me learn the basics of writing. In this group, members shared their writing pieces and I got the chance to read and understand their ideas and style of professional writing. Most of the members were very experienced in writing field. I started to write and also shared my work in the group. Suraya, Raymond and other writers shared their feedback with me and that helped me a lot to understand and learn.

When Suraya started The Story Mint, she informed me and wanted me to be a part of it. Suraya and Raymond believed in me and had faith in my creativity. English is my second language but still they both did not give up on me and helped me a lot to improve my language. They have both taught and inspired me throughout the last three years. They both are the best teachers of my life, as they helped me to understand my passion for writing stories. I took part in competitions arranged by The Story Mint. I won second prize in one of the Christmas Short Story competitions of The Story Mint. I wrote few serial chapters and I will book some more as they excite me a lot.

The Story Mint gave me the confidence I needed. I used the experience of being a member and worked on the stories that were in my mind. I wrote some short stories and completed a fully fledged novel two months back. My entire journey up until now, in the writing field has been possible only because of The Story Mint team and I hope to write, learn and achieve more in the year 2015.