September Newsletter 2018

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September Newsletter 2018
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The Story Mint is a vibrant and inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 


Only a few days to go now until the start of Breaking the Code: from published to best-selling author 

Speakers from Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, France, Armenia and the USA will be sharing their experiences and knowledge over two full days. Don't miss this unique opportunity to find the motivation to take the next step in your writing journey.

Find full details of the exciting programme here:

Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne:  5 Riverside Quay Southbank, Southbank
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2018
All tickets that encompass Saturday
 will include a show-bag with great offers and discounts and access to the Saturday night networking party.

Get your ticket at

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This month we celebrate the conclusion of our serial Sirens with a gripping  chapter by Leif Rennes. If you haven't read this serial yet, you are in for a treat; so many well written chapters that showcase the very best of serial writing. Here's an excerpt from chapter 10. You're welcome!

“I was wondering how long you’d be.”  

Powell looked at the originator who sat at a small, mostly barren table at the centre of the room, illuminated by a lone overhead lamp. It wasn’t at all surprising to see that it was his son but the pistol laid out in front of him struck Powell immediately as being out of place.

“Michael,” he said, speaking the word as though it was an echo from some historic utterance.

“It’s Zeus now,” the young man replied, bitterness apparent in his terse response.

“Huh,” Powell replied with a nod. “And you were expecting me?”

“Of course,” Zeus confirmed. “We're all drawn to certain things, predictably and irresistibly. A long lost son is kind of an obvious one.”

A sullen look of realisation fell over Powell’s face.

Mirror, Mirror


chapter 6 by Ken Burns
The Way Home:
chapter 5 by Anthony Smits
(Samos Island)
chapter 6


We have a new serial starting soon too. Jasmine Groves has written one of her witty, mischievous prefaces. In Broken Heels and Broken Hearts, Lucy is surprised her Dad doesn't understand the value of a bargain when he sees one. Join the fun and book a chapter.
We're still  looking for some new starters for Serials so if you have an idea, grab some quiet time, write it down (500 words max remember) and send it to Suraya at
Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to:
If you've written a chapter send it to

Compilation of the next Anthology is making great progress. Anthony Smits (Samos Island) and Ray Stone (Cyprus) are preparing the layout  for hard copy and ecopy.
We have compiled a two story sampler which we are giving guests at Breaking the Code conference along with this bookmark.

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