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September Newsletter

The Story Mint Newsletter, September 2013

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The Story Mint Newsletter

September 2013
"To complicate a story the writer builds conflict progressively to the end of the line. Difficult enough, but the task increases geometrically when we take a story from mere complication to full complexity."
- Robert McKee, author of the screenwriters' bible Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting.
This was posted on our Facebook page. To keep up with the latest postings at the Story Mint check out: New Novel Published


Fantastic New Novel Published:

Isia’s Secret

Raymond Stone, who has been with The Story Mint since our first days and has worked extraordinarily hard to get The Story Mint established, has published his latest novel, ‘Isia’s Secret’.
It is a great read, full of action and complications. Enda Osin and his assistant Jessica Du Rosse unravel the political intrigue behind Isia’s death, and her the connection to a Greek shipping magnate who has plans  to be a political powerbroker so  he can influence decisions over Cyprus and gain sovereignty.


This is a review by one reader:

An intelligent and interesting political thriller, with historical and current events and situations utilized flawlessly to create a building intrigue to a nervous suspense. A wonderful visual created throughout on the sea and ports of the Mediterranean. The author injects light-hearted sarcasm through one character, so that the compelling intrigue is relieved by some laugh-out-loud tongue-in-cheek self-banter.
The international historical concept brings to mind writers like Tom Clancy and John Le Carre, and after a most enjoyable, involving read, I do hope to see this visually stunning description on the big screen one day.
-Flo Ginsburg

‘Isia’s Secret’ will be available through our website. At the moment you can get it through Smashwords (Free until 30 September)


Soon To Be Published

Suraya’s novel ‘Bend with the Wind’ is due to be released shortly. One reviewer has said,” I believe that BWTW is an important book and should be available to as many people as possible. ‘Bend With The Wind’ looks at problems around the  world where religion, ethnicity or political ideology  fight an opposing side where there is no understanding, negotiation or compassion. It is an amazing read in terms of style and story.”

The Style Guide

The Style Guide™ is undergoing further development. This will take around 10 days, starting on 26th Sept. When it is finished users will be able to see why their work has landed where it has on the grid or why it has not. There will be instructions on what to do in order to move your writing to a different place on the grid. Moving around the grid changes the writing style while keeping the essential message the same. Changes in the way sentences are structured alters the style and its position on the grid. Writers can decide what style they are seeking to achieve and if what they are writing is not in the desired part of the grid, The Style Guide™ will tell the writer what to do to shift it.


YouTube Clips

Mike Abraham filmed our most recent You Tube clip which featured Bruce Howat explaining how the Style Guide has helped him to improve his writing style. Check it out
Last week we filmed a student at a local school, shifting her story from sitting outside the grid to inside the grid. She was joined by some friends who also had a play with The Style Guide™. That was tremendous. I have never seen such an enthusiastic response. They were telling each other what to write and checking to see where it landed on the grid. One day they will be able to watch their progress as they type. This video is being edited now and should be posted on You Tube and our website soon.
Thanks to Mike Abraham and also Ken Burns who helped with editing.

The Writer's Pad

Check out ‘Fish’
This is the start of Raymond’s latest novel. It gets straight into the action and the portrayal of the character, Fish.

Rebranding On the Way

We have begun looking at some new ideas for logos and will be working towards a rebrand sometime in the future. Keep your eyes and ears tuned for it!



Starters for the serials

Thanks to all of you who have sent Annette starters.
We would love more so keep them coming. They only need to be 500 words long and open ended. Any genre considered although we would like some from romance and sci fi.  

Annette has now got her feet firmly under the desk and the serials are rolling along very smoothly.
CIA Agent is getting close to finishing with Chap 8 published and only a couple to go. Read it and see if you can work out how it will end.
We have also opened up A Confession for general booking.  We have changed the rules slightly with this serial. The chapters can be between 100 to 500 words so all you people who would like to have a go at writing for a serial this could be the one.  However, there are only four slots left so book one today. Don’t miss this great chance to get involved in the serials.
The Story Mint is changing the way we look as we develop our understanding of who our audiences are. Rebranding is inevitable and we are confident we are moving in the right direction with our new look. Suraya explores this issue in her latest blog.


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