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Satire, Humour & Parody

I think there's a joke in there somewhere...

A joke in here somewhere?

A joke in here somewhere? There was; it left, unable to get itself, a shadow of a joke, disguised as a BBC weatherman's opening sentence. "This isn't news..."

I think we need a like button


Apart from our first serial

Apart from our first serial that started as a serious crime story and turned into science fiction humour (that lacked humour), no-one has written a starter for a humourous story. I wonder why. Personally I would love to write humour but what stops me is the thought that each individual can have a different sense of humour. Not only that, 10 writers trying to be funny as they follow one another can lead to an empty auditorium or an audience of two clapping slowly in time with the words - "Get Off".

So here is an idea on Humour. Perhaps we could have writers who are interested produce an entire story of 5000 words individually. I suggest this in the wake of what turned out to be a sorry and soggy love story a couple of serials ago. Romance and Humour are seperate and hard genres to write. Ten writers do not have the same sense of humour or the same take on romance, let alone what in their eyes is acceptable for an audience to read. I think these two genres are best written by the loner.

Like your idea

I've actually had the urge to re-write our failed romance just to show it should have been done :)


Oeps! Just add a "how" in there somewhere

Humour without a punch; lines without meaning.

I hear you on the difficulty of getting different people to pick up the motivation behind a character in Romance. And since this is more-or-less a brainstorm, let my idea float away friendless (and ok with it) if no one takes to it. But what if there were three writers; one who will write a narrator's role, and two others - the 'lovers'. Each writes a piece in turn; the narrator in third, setting the scene, then each of the others. Each lover writes in first; cannot react to anything the other lover thinks, except to what is 'said' - but the narrator can like a theatre director, when its their turn again, place the actors anew after each scene, perhaps change location, add to their opinions, from third person POV, and the lovers can use any information in the narrators piece, and have to work with any changes. Might work; might be a mess. But I'm sure there's a way to write romance, and humour, in parts, by having each writer responsible wholly for one aspect, as actors are in a play.

Adding how...

“Add a how.”

He heard the cry; he’d been given some new when only this afternoon so was in action mood wanting to complete things. And he knew about finding solutions; he’d been told enough: it’s who, you know.

He knew. And he, a who, perhaps he could help the how.

He picked up the how and felt its pulse. Another lapsed explanation. And yet, there was still some clarity in it; the thing was trying to illuminate again. An abandoned but brave how. Which - he was sure a noble who would not have done this - which what had left how out?

He did know a lot of obscure sentences crying for a good how to elucidate their meaning. If he had spare why and could get some where, he’d be able to help how out.

It was a good looking how. But did he have spare why?

Why not? The negative was afoot.

He ignored the hitch-hiking not. There were always nots in the air; a fashionable accessory. Negatives were always looking for places to attach. They sounded knowledgeable, world- wise, decent devil’s advocates. But if you let them get a foothold you’d debate all day and little would get done.

He glanced down at the how he’d taken a shine to. He wondered about the nature of his how. When it came to matching hows and whats, you had to have the right sort. Couldn’t put a how things worked with a history lesson. That kind of what needed a how things came to be.

He sighed. And whats were not the sort you could ask about it. They had no clue until you linked them with a how. Couldn’t explain anything. Like you were just supposed to know. Reminded him of a teenage where. Kind of dumb, meaningless. He grinned, imagining questions he could ask a what.

“What, do you have... meaning in your life?”

A what might reply if you were fortunate. “Who, is using me happening?” You wouldn’t get much more. Whats usually just squat, grunting, unable to do anything without direction, or to explain which piece goes first.

It was a silly game, what baiting. Time was wasting. He had a who to find a what for.

Just then he saw it; a failed romance. Obviously had no how.

It was a strong what; the romance. Men would kill for a good one of those. He wondered if his how was up to it. He threw it in.

“How I’ve actually had the urge to...” The thing sounded very strong; a good explanation loomed. But it whimpered out with a soggy excuse .This how wasn’t a leader of sentences. But perhaps it might prop up the middle? It might be a counselling how; a sympathetic mentor to the failed.

He tried it.

I've actually had the urge to rewrite how our failed romance just to show it should have ... Eww. No, this how couldn’t explain the failed romance. Rather than shedding light, how was confusing things.

There was one more possibility. Maybe my how was a detective how; a how that worked out why. Wow. A how that could work out why was cool; a rarity. Not many hows had any idea why. They just knew how. Well, was it?

I introduced the sentence to my how again, pretending it hadn’t shown my how the next page twice already. But it smiled; so did how.

I've actually had the urge to rewrite our failed romance just to show how it should have been done.

And there it was. My how could figure out why and explain it. I was sorry to see how go. I’d have used him in a sentence about women if he’d stayed.


Wow, this is brilliant! You just made my day :)

How, is that possible?

He made her day, like a bed. And she laid in it, laughing. And so on.

Actually, the how story would have been better had I not switched POV half way through, and not noticed (!), and made several other mistakes that I didn't see until well after pressing SUBMIT. Perhaps an EDIT function will come along one day and startle us into a state of revision.

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