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Didn't fit in anywhere else?  Let's discuss it here.

Romantic with sex

50 Shades of Grey has made this genre wildly successful for e-publishing so lets not underestimate it's popular appeal


This book does NOT fall into the genre of romance.  It is considered to be Erotica.  It actually follows the definition of Erotica almost to the letter.  The whole point of the story is a simple story that provides a platform for sex.  There has been some well written Erotica.  Check out Victorian or French Erotica during the Victorian Age.  Also some of what we call "Children's Stories" today started it's life out as "Parlor Stories" with sexual connotations that were meant to entertain the gentleman while they drank brandy and smoked cigars after dinner during Victorian times.  Maybe one of the most well know is "Beauty and the Beast." 

Having sex on paper is not easy!

There are several things I learned after trying to introduce sex into my novel. You can't just say 'and then they made love' or write a scene that goes on and on for two or more pages. Women readers (mainly) want sensual, not graphic, sex that presses the emotional button. The relationship between the two characters and their emotions has to come through to the reader or you have failed to satisfy the reader. The best length, I think, is about 350 words - one page double typed. If you have to mention a body part then call a breast a breast or a penis a penis, not a 'boob' or 'dick', and then only with great care or you will lower the quality of your work - it will look cheap/trashy. The scene has to be written the same as any other - it has to move the story forward and blend in with the two chapters or scenes either end.
The only advice I would ever give to another writer thinking of writing a sex scene is that they should think how they themselves make love to their partner - what emotions are going through not only themselves but their partner too. Then incorporate those recollections into their work. It's far more easy and accurate than trying to create something out of nothing. I had one such scene in my novel and sent it to lady members. The reaction caused me to draft six times (5 paragraphs) and even then not all of them thought it good enough. Writing sex is difficult but don't avoid it if the story warrants it. Sex is part of everyday life and as writers, we should practice writing about it to make our work believable and entertaining.
With regards to E published Romance Sex - I think this is one genre that is normally written by a specialist in Romance/Sex.
Think back to our very poor attempt at a romance serial. It was a disaster. Romance is hard enough to write without having ten writers produce a chapter each in their different styles and takes on how to write romance. None of the writers knew what the originator had in her mind when she penned the starter.

Erotic Fiction

Sex based Romance is called Erotic Fiction and is definitely a specialist area. Unless you are well versed in this genre I'd suggest giving it a miss.

Making it part of each serial?

I'm not saying fully utilise this genre but if it is well written and easily understandable don't underestimate it's ability to advance a story to a wider group of people. As you say Sumanda/Raymond 'get it right". My take on this is it doesn't have to be detailed just enough information to let the reader fill in the other bits.

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