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October newsletter
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The Story Mint is a vibrant and inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 


Breaking the Code
Jointly presented by The Story Mint and World Writers Collective

Greetings everyone!
What an amazing experience Breaking the Code: from published to best-selling author was. Responses to our follow-up survey gave us excellent feedback with an unanimous call for a repeat next year. So planning begins soon. We also found your comments for the way we can improve things most helpful. We welcome your ideas for topics on the theme of how we become financially successful authors with a loyal readership.

Many countries represented
Over 45 people attended each day to listen to presenters from five countries - Australia, USA, France, India and NZ. Sessions covered new technologies and international reading trends, connecting writer and reader, the importance of editing and the value of developing a personal brand on social media.

A story not sold is a story not told


Best-selling authors Shriram Iyer and Nishant Kaushik emphasised that writers are here primarily to tell stories that resonate with readers.

Publishing Panel
The question of whether to self-publish or go down the traditional route was hotly debated throughout the two days. Busybird Publishing, Grattan Street Press and Niche Press represented traditional publishing with Andrew Tesoriero, Ana Spoke and Dean MacAllister representing self-publishing.

Multi award winning playwrights Noel Anderson and Stu Mentha covered writing believable dialogue. Noel Anderson's timely advice '...the words on the page are  important but the white between them is even more important', left writers with something to ponder.

Writers need to understand their readers
Lalitha Ravindran who is a literary agent of First Forays, from India, presented on the publishing revolution. She also spoke about the changing role of a Literary Agent who is an integral part of an author’s successful career.”

Noel, Stu, Lalitha and Clare

Personal brand and social media expertise
Catching readers attention is critical and a strong personal brand is key to this. Clare Dea and Davin Clarke explained how this principle works for them. Sue Ellson then demonstrated the power of Linkedin.

Mat Clarke, Sue Ellson and Suraya


Pitching to publishers
Mat Clarke ran a popular session on how to pitch to publishers which was followed by a session where writers pitched their novels to publishers.

New technologies/New Possibilities
Suraya Dewing and Linda Alley gave a summary of how technology is changing the writer's and the reader's world with their session, 'New Technologies/New Possibilities' and finished with a video called A revolutionary new writing tool (5 mins.)

Linda Langton from Langton's International Agency opened the Symposium with a pre-recorded video that stressed the importance of editing. She also revealed that last year their agency received 3,600 manuscripts. Twenty six (26) of those found publishers. A truly daunting figure.
You can view her video in our Dropbox or on You Tube (6 mins.)

Overseas contributors
We thank our overseas presenters who spoke to us via teleconference: Rebekah Radice (USA), Azadeh Nafisi (France) and Hemali Ajmera (India).

Last minute editing
A grateful shout out to Cory Corbett who kept presentations to time and helped resolve technology issues. At short notice he arranged for Andrew Morrissey to do a last minute edit of Linda Langton's video. The result was excellent and set the whole symposium off on the right note. Our thanks to Andrew and to Cory.

Many of the presentations can be found by opening this link - Dropbox Folder.

We thank everyone who so willingly rolled up their sleeves and helped, especially Victoria Blandin and Solene Anglaret.

Success of the event was the work of many
Many people contributed to the success of Breaking the Code: from published to best-selling author and we apologise for not mentioning you specifically in this newsletter. We will, however, continue telling the story with more insights and writing tips in the next newsletter.

We are deeply grateful to you all for making our first ever Breaking the Code: from published to best-selling author a huge success. We definitely look forward to doing it again.

We all look forward to doing it again next year so watch out for news as planning begins.

We sincerely thank the following sponsors:
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There is a lot of serials news this month, so get ready to be inspired and informed!

First of all, we have seven, yes SEVEN, new serials waiting to start and we would love you to book a chapter (or seven!) so that we can get these started. Pop over to http://www.thestorymint.com, log in and scroll down to see all the new serials listed. Then get busy!

Secondly, a message to all the writers who have booked chapters in the serials that are in progress. Please please check whether you are scheduled to write a chapter and if so, get onto it. We want the serials to start and finish as quickly as possible so they don't lose momentum, and so we always have something new to read.

Next, another author only serial from Raymond Stone is about to get underway. It's called Twinkle and it's gong to be a cracker.

And finally, there will be some exciting developments behind the scenes in the way we are going to manage serials so look out for details in the next newsletter.

Happy writing people!

Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 8 by Linda Alley
Chapter 8 by Raymond Stone
Chapter 9 by Raymond Stone
Chapter 10 by Raymond Stone


The Story Mint's India Group serial is fabulous reading. How does an unhappy bride find her way back to her true love? Does she?

Chapter Two by Abhimanyu Jamwal
We're still  looking for some new starters for Serials so if you have an idea, grab some quiet time, write it down (500 words max remember) and send it to Suraya at suraya@thestorymint.com
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Anthology Up-date

We are working towards releasing this next month. So watch out for news on this in the next newsletter.
It features 10 stories, by 23 authors from 9 countries and the stories are excellent.

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