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March Newsletter 2020

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Welcome to the March newsletter.
This is a strange and anxious time. Across the globe millions of people are in lockdown while others are working tirelessly to provide life preserving care and essential services support for their communities. And we all hold our breath and hope that the fight will be won soon.

At The Story Mint we acknowledge that there is no 'normal' anymore and we also know that we are stronger together. The Story Mint is a community of likeminded people who love to write and, as writers, we can leave the confines of our homes and go anywhere in the world in our imaginations.

So, fellow storytellers, we hope that you are safe and well and we encourage you to take this opportunity to write.

We would love to hear your stories. They will help us all to stay connected. Your story may be about what is happening in your community right now, or a diary of how this pandemic is affecting you personally. It could be fact or fiction. Whatever you want to share, we will edit and post it on The Story Mint and we will all be the better for reading each and every one.

If you need inspiration, here is How The Greatest Living American Writer Endures His Quarantine"

We still have the first chapter of Broken Hearts and Broken Heels left for booking. It would be great to get this serial started so please, someone, step up. 

And we need some new serial starters. We’d love to have them.

Happy writing, and all the very best to you and your families and friends in these uncertain times.

During this difficult time we are extending our FREE TRIAL period to four weeks. 
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Suraya and The Story Mint team.

“I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.”
― Margaret Atwood

Lady Sump's Bentley
Chapter 4 by Ray Stone (Cyprus)
Lady Sump's Bentley
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Lady Sump's Bentley
Chapter 10 by Ant Gavin Smits (Samos)


No Good-bye
Starter by Suraya Dewing
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Book Reviews

A Ticket to Syria
by Shirish Thorat
Reviewed by Lalitha Ravindran (India)

A Ticket To Syria reads like the perfect Know IS 101 or Inside IS for Dummies. That’s how clearly and succinctly the author, Shirish Thorat, glides between Maldives where the story begins and Syria & US where a lot of the action is.

It’s difficult to believe Thorat in his previous avatar was a policeman. He refrains from officialese mumbo jumbo anywhere in the book but rather his writing reminds one of James Hardley Chase; incisive, racy and knowledgeable at the same time. This book based on real life events of an educated  and wealthy Muslim family from Maldives lured into taking up the cause of jihad for IS toggles between places in Maldives, Syria, US and the middle east.

While tracing the tale of the Ibraheem family he recounts in detail how the Islamic State in its mission of implementing the Sharia law uses all means to reunite foot soldiers who willingly or unwillingly are roped in, trained, indoctrinated and let out to carry out the tasks assigned to them. These recruits are like lambs to the slaughter, only they think they are God’s chosen ones!

The launch of this book could not have been timed better with Maldives in the news for its political turmoil and power struggle intertwined with religion, army and the common folks. The characters including Zahi, the main protagonist, the Contact, Mike of the FBI, Sameer Ibraheem, Ahmed Idris, are so finely etched out that towards the end the reader can predict how each one will behave. The suspense is gripping and one gets a peek into how Agencies and countries work today in tackling jihadist activities around the world.

My favorite characters are Zahi and the Contact, who does not have a name. Both maintain calm, provide and give information when required and come out looking so competent!

A Ticket to Syria will linger in your memory for a while and the daily news currently could make a lot more sense. A must read for folks who are curious about how religion is used by politicians and fundamentalists for their own narrow misguided goals.

I loved reading this book and rate it 5/5 for Thorat’s first solo attempt.

Published by Bloomsbury
Available on Amazon

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