March 2019

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March 2019


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The Story Mint is a vibrant and inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 


Well, we thought February was a busy month but now here comes March and it's crazy! We have some exciting writing happening in our serials (details below) but first, an update on The Story Mint  membership from Bruce, our Membership Manager.


A huge thank-you to members who have paid their subscriptions since we announced the free days are over.

What a privilege it is to hear from you about how The Story Mint, especially Stylefit™ and Suraya’s coaching, is impacting on your writing.  One member told us that he was struggling with his first novel when he heard about Stylefit™ and started using it.  He described how his work was nowhere near the “grid” but he persevered. A publisher is now interested in his manuscript.  Obviously The Story Mint is going to promote the book to our thousands of followers when it is published.

Another writer uses Stylefit™ in conjunction with the Writers' Pad. We encourage you to read SM (working title) by Ian Miller and leave your thoughts. It's an exciting story, especially if you are keen on Sci-fi. 

It is brilliant to read the work of these incredible new authors. We are thrilled to see them participating in our community and to be part of their success stories.

This video is worth a few minutes of your valuable time. Our global community explains why they love being part of  The Story Mint.  As a note, the participants did not have a script – these were their honest opinions.

Most importantly, I want to acknowledge Suraya, the founder and CEO of The Story Mint.  It is humbling and inspirational to hear the feedback from the writers she has coached and about the value of her coaching.  Suraya is driven to help other writers and this community exists because of her passion, drive and commitment.

If you are not a member of our community, feel free to contact me and talk it through.

Bruce Howat, membership manager  E:

Serials this month

It was a busy month for new chapters in many serials so here we go ....

  • Waterfalls, chapter 3 written by Linda Alley (Australia)
  • The Girl in the Attic, chapter 6 written by Suraya Dewing (New Zealand)
  • The Way Home, chapter 6 written by Rosemary Wakelin (Australia)
  • Blessings, chapters 3 and 4 written by Sumanda Maritz (Republic of South Africa)
  • Ripped from the Headlines, preface written by Ray Stone (Cyprus) This is a special serial. For the first time, writers will be able to write up to 1000 words instead of the usual 500. We can't wait to see how this unfolds.

And if that isn't enough, It was a Game, a story started by Ray Stone (Cyprus), full of twists and turns, was finished this month in wonderful style by Jasmine Groves (Australia).

Aren't we an international bunch!

Writing competitions

Feeling like a challenge? Suraya has added information about two writing competitions to the members section on The Story Mint website.


Membership Benefits

As an aspiring writer, you can't afford to miss out on these great membership benefits...

Unlimited use of Stylefit™, a writing edge you will get nowhere else.
  • Belonging to an international writing community
  • Your writing promoted to over 25,000 online readers when you write a serial chapter
  • Having one of more of your chapters published in our annual Anthology, Everyone Has a Story
  • Special member rates for editing, assessment and personalised feedback on individual pieces of writing
  • Promotion to agents/publishers
  • Workshops and an annual symposium somewhere in the world

Thank you for belonging to inspirational and vibrant community.

Happy writing
The Story Mint team

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist

Grab some quiet time and enjoy reading some clever, entertaining writing.

Waterfalls, Chapter 3
by Linda Alley
The Girl in the Attic, Chapter 6
by Suraya Dewing
The Way Home, Chapter 6
by Rosemary Wakelin
Blessings, Chapter 3
by Sumanda Maritz
(Republic of South Africa)
Blessings, Chapter 4
by Sumanda Maritz
(Republic of South Africa)
Ripped from the Headlines, Preface
by Ray Stone
Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to:
If you've written a chapter send it to
Writers' Pad

Writers post their work on the Writers' Pad and invite other writers to comment.
New member Ian Miller has posted  the first two chapters of a novel in progress. It is Sci-fi so will appeal to all you Sci-fi fans.

This is from his blurb for SM:
The Federation has commissioned a corporation to construct a new giant space station at the fourth Earth Moon Lagrange point and the shell is mainly constructed from rock thrown up from the Moon. Since control of the rock stream is not guaranteed, ships providing other goods are older and more disposable, and when Jonas Stryker brings such a ship back to Space Station Gamma, a malfunction nearly destroys the ship. A corporation immediately blames Stryker, who is then introduced to corruption, space piracy, and a near collapse of proper law and order as greed and a power struggle is unfolded.

It is a fantastic read.

Remember nothing appears on the Writers' Pad unless you tick the publish box.

Follow these steps to post your work:

  1. Click on Add a new title
  2. Add title, Tick publish and write a short blurb
  3. Save


  1. Click on the purple box which reads Add a chapter
  2. Name the chapter and tick publish
  3. Paste in your chapter
  4. Save.
We look forward to reading and promoting other Writers' Pad submissions here.

Also send your blogs to Suraya and we will post them on The Story Mint and promote them in the newsletter and on social media.
Happy writing everyone!

New Releases

After releasing her first novel Unforgotten, Rosemary Wakelin worked on her second novel, Not Forgiven' for at least three years. The Story Mint gave her feedback which she took away and used to rework her novel. She has since rewritten it several times, has an editor who has worked with her tirelessly and she has used beta readers to give her feedback. After such a rigorous process this novel will undoubtedly be an excellent read.

The Story
Back to Araneya.
A place where special relationships were nurtured, where chilling nightmares were born, a place that harbours a shocking secret.
A place of which she has no memory.
Not trusting corrupt politician and owner of Araneya, Senator Carlos Macey, or his twisted version of what happened to her as a child, Claudia decides to return to Araneya, in the slim hope that it will restore her lost memories.
What really took place at Araneya all those years ago? Who was responsible for the death of the young boy shot in Araneya’s neighbouring forest? And why had Ricky Taccone, one of Macey’s gun clan, taken his own life?
As Claudia battles for answers, she begins questioning her relationship with the man helping her, the very resourceful and attractive Saul Reardon, a man who bears a troubled past of his own.
With the sudden appearance of a new group of hostile players on their heels and Macey about to be released from custody, time becomes paramount.
Will Claudia finally remember?
More importantly…
Will she want to?


E-book released April 1- pre-orders before then are $0.98. After that date will be $3.99
Paper back available now.
Best to go through [American]... Australian postage works out higher.

Important Membership News

Writing Competitions

World Writers Collective
The Saddest Story - Write 2500 words with this theme in mind.
Competition will begin In May 2019 - Due date will be in September 2019

Sargeson Prize

Short story competition

From Idea to publication
This year we expanded our services to include full support to writers from concept to publication.

This means we can no longer offer free access to The Story Mint as of March 31st 2019.
We have set the membership rate at a standard price of US$50 per year. This entitles you to full access to everything we offer including Stylefit™.

Additionally we offer special member rates for professional editing, publishing advice, manuscript feedback and representation to agents/publishers.

Other benefits will include special rates to attend workshops and our symposium.

We do sincerely hope you value being part of our vibrant writing community and  continue with us.
Over the next few weeks we will be in touch with you to give you more detail about how being a member of The Story Mint will enable you to successfully follow your writing dream.

If you would like to discuss your membership please contact Bruce Howat at

To join, go to membership
Happy writing!

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