Little Gems by Ray Stone

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Little Gems by Ray Stone

Little Gems

By Ray Stone

Review by Suraya Dewing CEO Story Mint

This set of short stories is indeed a gem. The stories explore themes of corruption, historical injustices, and redemption.

The author capably captures the voice of the era as in Condurrow, a story based on bal maidens working in the Cornwall tin mines in the mid 19th century. Readers learn of the working conditions in Cornwall tin mines while following the fortunes of Arthur Jeddler who inherits a tin mine.

His research for each story is comprehensive.

Other stories in the collection range from past injustices to futuristic as in predicting a cataclysmic event that destroys life on earth. In another, a man is wrongly accused of manslaughter and gets exonerated soon after getting out of prison. A mother appears to desert her son but the reason for this justifies her actions, as her son finds out many years later. These were the standout stories for me.

A common theme threads through these stories - corruption or misunderstanding lies behind apparent injustice.

Ray Stone is an entertaining storyteller with an excellent sense of carefully measured detail. The reader never gets a sense he is unnecessarily padding the narrative. His characters are believable and when they speak, their dialogue gives the reader a deeper insight into the character. The stories are imaginative as well as informative without being a sermon.

Very enjoyable and a worthwhile read. Recommended.