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Literary Fiction

For the discussion of serious(ly) good fiction

Good, fiction is all it takes

Good, fiction is all it takes to make a discussion serious...

What defines good fiction?

I'd be interested to see how people define 'good' fiction.

About good fiction

A label such as 'good fiction' means an awful lot of things; what's good for me in any one moment varies with my mood. A lot of terribly 'good' fiction is no sort of light read, and sometimes that's all I want. I would have said literary fiction answered questions of life - made moral standpoints, etc. But I don't have nearly such good a handle on it as poet Annie Neugebauer who just addressed this question on her blog...

But Suraya asks about 'good fiction'. I agree with Neugebauer that a lot of 'good fiction' is not literary. For me, it's fiction that is well written; fiction that causes me to reread passages a second time to look at the construction. I'm in awe sometimes at the way a writer can use such simple tools - common words - to create magic.

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