June Newsletter 2020

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June Newsletter 2020
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Welcome to The Story Mint newsletter for June. Here we are, half way through the year and by golly have we been busy this month.


We have just  published Hemali Ajmera's (India) most excellent chapter for Deception. What a good job she did, a masterclass in how to write a chapter 8, the point in the story when  the plot needs to be pulled towards a conclusion. 

We are all thrilled to see a new serial begin. A Play on Words is a really good premise for a story set in the world of theatre. This is a two author serial and we cannot wait to see what Raymond Stone (Cyprus) and Ant Smits (Samos) come up with.

Also, we have chapter 7 of Finding Linda (Anthony Smits, Samos) and chapter 1 of Broken heels and broken hearts ( Rosemary Wakelin, Australia) for you to enjoy this month. 

A new serial for you to follow... Nail Diamond, a single author serial by Ken Burns (NZ). The starter chapter elicited this feedback from one of our members:

"Fab stuff, Ken. This is so you and a terrific opportunity for us Minters to read and enjoy your unique blend of dry humour and in vogue dialogue. I am looking forward to following this."

And we have a new serial waiting for writers.... Silverbend, by Raymond Stone (Cyprus). Here's a teaser ...

Biff, recently released from prison, meets his brother on a lonely road somewhere in the American West. A meeting with his brother, a package of cash, and a new job as the owner of the Silverbend Waffle House

 No Goodbye by Suraya Dewing is also waiting for writers. This is going to be a high tension, compelling family drama so we hope our Story Minters will fill the vacant writing slots soon.

And before we go, how about this feedback from one of The Story Mint's most experienced writers, Raymond Stone (Cyprus). 
"I think the standard of creative writing here on the serials has risen in leaps and bounds over the last year. At least five/six writers have now published their own work and that speaks volumes about The Story Mint. Many writers are branching out into new fields and that can't be a bad thing, particularly when they continue to write for the serials as well. A terrific performance by all concerned, not forgetting a big thank you to 'ED', Suraya Dewing."

We couldn't agree more, Raymond.

Happy writing, and all the very best to you all.
Suraya and The Story Mint team.

Writing Tip

'Two pairs of eyes shot at Mary.'

See anything wrong with this phrase? Who do the eyes belong to? What are they shooting?
Be aware of body parts disconnected from their owners like this. Watch out for phrases that talk about hands flying through the air, into pockets, at an opponent's neck... Attach them to somebody.
As you revise, check that the reader can imagine the person who owns the body part.
For example, Maggie's eyes were big with alarm as they shot from Derek to Dave.

Chapter 8 by Hemali Ajmera (India)
A Play on Words (Two authors - Ray Stone and Ant Smits)
Starter by Ray Stone (Cyprus)
Finding Linda
Chapter 7 by Ant Smits (Samos Island)
Broken Heels and Broken Hearts
Chapter 1 by Rosemary Wakelin (Australia)
Nail Diamond, a single author serial
by Ken Burns (NZ).
Silverbend, (starter)
By Ray Stone (Cyprus)
Writers' Pad

Please leave comment for Ian on his story, SMV2.
by Ian Miller.

Directly ahead and disturbing the star-speckled black of space was a small shiny silvery something that looked a little like a wheel on an axle. Captain Jonas Stryker felt a mix of relief and satisfaction that this mission was almost over. Read on

World Writers Collective
Writing Competition results
Mother Ship (Winner)
by David McKenzie  (Melbourne)
Good Night  (runner up)
by Chun Kiu Ng (Australia)
Suraya was honoured to judge the latest World Writers Collective short story competition. She says, "The stories had believable multi-dimensional characters and human insights. We saw into the private lives of characters within the family setting. That made them come alive."

David McKenzie (Australia) draws on his experience as an adopted child for his winning story Mother Ship. His protagonist, Pedro, finds his birth mother after a traumatic childhood in a dysfunctional family.

In Good Night we see lovely nuance. Only in hindsight do we realise how much we take the time we have with loved ones for granted. 

Congratulations to the successful entries.

Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to: suraya@thestorymint.com
If you've written a chapter send it to donnamct@gmail.com

We thought we would share these beautiful Haiku and photography by 
Linda Alley (Australia). 

Reflections from lock down.

Autumn Haiku #1
The last leaves rustle 
like a wastepaper basket
full of scrunched up dreams.
Photo by Marco Paulo Prado on Unsplash
Autumn Haiku #2
Shrunken days inside
my head, but looking through glass:
a world still golden.
Autumn Haiku #3
Huddled in worlds, stories
my soul and me and a door
that cannot open.
Autumn Haiku #4
Bony limbs stripped bare
shedding our gilded shades, here we
are unembellished.
Autumn Haiku #5
Gold leaves fall like stars
Through trees, twilight’s auric hue
looks more like the dawn.
Autumn Haiku #6
We met in the park
One point five metres between us
Arms closed, souls touching.

Membership News

Writing competitions.

3000 word story based around the theme THE VEHICLE WOULD NOT STOP. This can be a story about almost anything, and any genre. Open to all countries, but must be written in English.
Entries close: 19 July.
Please read the rules and FAQ before submission: https://www.worldwriterscollective.com/shortstory-competitions


Biopage Mini-Essay Writing Contest

There’s no denying it: social media is a huge part of our 21st-century lives. It’s easy to get used to limiting our communications to 280-character and emoji-strewn snippets, which is why this marketing firm is hosting an essay writing contest to “remind people of the benefits of writing.”

Essays of up to 5,000 characters (roughly 1,000 words) will be accepted, and you can tackle just about any topic you want. The grand prize winner will receive $1,000, and three runners-up will be awarded $200 each.

The contest is free to enter, but you’ll need to register for a Biopage account to be eligible.

Deadline: July 31, 2020. 



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