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June 2019 Newsletter
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The Story Mint is a vibrant and inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 


It's hard to believe that 2019 is flying by so fast but here we are, welcoming you to our June newsletter.

We've got some wonderful new content for you to read on the Story Mint this month, and some interesting information that will be of interest to all our budding authors.

First, some thoughts from www.IndieWriterSupport.com on the value of beta readers and how to contact them.

What is a Beta-Reader?
A beta reader is usually an unpaid test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing, who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author. A beta reader is not a professional, and can, therefore, provide advice in the opinions of an average reader.
In other words, if you have advance copies of your book or ebook that you would like to give away to early readers in return for published reviews of the pre-order title, then beta-readers are your best choice.
You'll find a 7,200 contact list of beta-readers available at, http://bit.ly/2Hxyl6y. 

These three websites provide the best beta-readers for your pre-order books.

NetGalley: $0 cost for readers and reviewers, but it would cost independent authors around $120 to join the network and post their giveaway books on the site in exchange for advance reviews from librarians, bookseller, educator, reviewer, bloggers, and beta-readers.
Edelweiss: $0 cost for readers or reviewers to join, but we are not certain how much they charge publishers or independent authors. They provide the same author's service as Netgalley.
ProlificWorks: is free to use for readers, reviewers, and authors, with payment options. It gives independent authors the power to set up exclusive access to sneak peeks, advance previews, and special giveaways for the beta-readers willing to read and review the ebook(s). readers a chance to see it first
We are providing independent writers with upcoming book publications the chance to reach 7,200 beta-readers (members of NetGalley, Edelweiss, and ProlificWorks) who may provide advanced early reviews for their pre-order ebook (if you approach them properly). 
Advance reviews by beta-readers will propel your book title among the current bestsellers, and generate instant reviews after publication.
This email list is currently 50% off ($17.99), and available exclusively to Indie Writers Support authors, via this link, http://bit.ly/2Hxyl6y. 



Read on for a round up of the serial chapters we have published this month ....

  • Waterfalls, chapter 6 written by Ray Stone, has a wonderful twist at the end.

Over coffee, he pondered his options. Already double-crossed once he had to trust another colleague to get the painting to his client. His thoughts were broken as his cell phone bleeped. “Speak of the devil,” he mumbled to himself.

“What’s going on?” said King.

“Everything. She got the frame. Why did you leave it there?”

King snapped angrily. “You gave me little warning.”

“You dropped a book of the motel’s matches, you idiot,” replied Rizzo. “Did you leave the painting in the locker?”

“Yes, so where am I going to hide the key for you to pick up?”

  • Chapter 7 of The Girl in the Attic by Anthony Smits creates a wonderful visual experience for the reader. Here is an example:

Damon didn’t move fast enough, apparently. The torch beam dropped; Damon’s eyes followed it and saw Vanessa prone, hemlock stems strewn around her body. But her head was lifting. Thankfully, she was alive. “Vaness—”

The torchlight disappeared. Dawes had switched it off and dropped it on the floor or in his pocket; Damon felt the pudgy hand at his collar, grabbing a fistful of his shirt. He was driven back until his hips met the window sill and his head hit the sash which rattled in the frame.

Dawes brought his face close, his steamy breath exhaling in sharp jabs as he demanded an explanation.

And finally in our smorgasbord of delicious new content are two new chapters from the serial Finding Linda. In chapter 3, Suraya has introduced and created a very interesting new character, and in chapter 4 Jasmine has given us a believable link to the serial title. Have a read ....

He dropped his hand, awkwardly running it through his hair.

“Do you think you were the only one that case affected? If it broke you, Bernard, it destroyed me. At least you get a break… with my curse or gift, however you want to look at it, I don’t get to walk away.

“I didn’t get to leave, you did that, you left me and now a woman is dead… again. And this medallion was found at the crime scene. I wouldn’t ask, Bernard, but you are the only one who can help me channel my gift and use it to find Linda.”

A New Serial
A new serial kicks off this month. Sameer Nagarajan, based in Dubai,  has created a compelling starter with three characters that spring to life on the page (or screen!).  Sameer's story is  called Truth or Lie and here is a taster ...

A tall, fair man stepped out and stopped. Thomas had disappeared. She assumed he was probably afraid.
"You ought to be ashamed, getting drunk and beating up a poor boy like that," she blurted.
His jaw dropped and confusion filled his face.
“There's no point pretending to be innocent.” She glared at him. "He's told me everything. The alcohol, the beating, the younger siblings ... I've called the police…" Stunned surprise filled his face.
“What are you talking about?” he demanded. “We don't drink.”
Awkward silence jarred the air. A wry chuckle filled the distance between them. “I get it. Tom's been telling you his stories, has he?”

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest

Check out the 17th Annual Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry

This year's deadline is September 30. S. Mei Sheng Frazier returns as final judge, assisted by Jim DuBois. The Tom Howard Prize is $2,000 for a poem in any style or genre, and the Margaret Reid Prize is $2,000 for a poem that rhymes or has a traditional style.
The entry fee remains $12 per poem. Ten Honorable Mentions will receive $100 each (any style). The top 12 entries will be published online. The top two winners will also receive two-year gift certificates from our co-sponsor, Duotrope. Submit published or unpublished work online via Submittable. Length limit per poem: 250 lines. 


And finally ..... the Rattle Poetry Prize a poetry competition with a difference...

  • In addition to the huge first prize, ten finalists are eligible for a $2,000 runner-up award—and everyone who enters gets a chance to vote.
  • To ensure a fair and consistent selection, the contest is blind-judged by the editors without any pre-screening.
  • We end up offering dozens of poems from the contest regular publication in Rattle every year, paying our standard publication rates.
  • And the best part is, the entry fee is just a year’s subscription at the regular price. By submitting four poems, you receive four issues of Rattle and four books from our chapbook series for just $25. That’s over 50% off the newsstand price—even if you don’t win, you win.

As one entrant said a few years ago, “It’s not just a poetry contest, it’s more like a festival!”

View more details by clicking here.

Thank you for belonging to this inspirational and vibrant community.

Happy writing
The Story Mint team

"If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter." Dan Poynter.

Grab some quiet time and enjoy reading some clever, entertaining writing.

Waterfalls, Chapter 4
by Ray Stone (Cyprus)
The Girl in the Attic, Chapter 7
by Anthony Smits (Samos Island)


Finding Linda, Chapter 3
by Suraya Dewing (NZ)
Finding Linda, Chapter 4
by Jasmine Groves (Australia)


Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to: suraya@thestorymint.com
If you've written a chapter send it to donnamct@gmail.com
Writers' Pad

Get feedback from readers and other writers by posting your work on the Writers' Pad .

SM by Ian Miller. (NZ)
Chapter 6 is now up and ready to read.
Here is a taster:
Christopher Mirkin stared dejectedly at his computer screen. He was in deep trouble and he knew it.  Read on

Ian thanks everyone for their helpful and useful feedback.
He plans to restructure the story in order to bring the story threads together. Your helpful and insightful comments have helped immensely in clarifying this for him.

Nothing appears publicly on the Writers' Pad unless you tick the publish box.
Follow these steps to post your work:

  1. Click on Add a new title
  2. Add title, Tick publish and write a short blurb
  3. Save. Then
  4. Click on the purple box which reads Add a chapter
  5. Name the chapter and tick publish
  6. Paste in your chapter
  7. Save.
We look forward to reading and promoting other Writers' Pad submissions here.
Happy writing everyone!
Book Reviews

Crate of Lies

Review by Reader

CRATE OF LIES - FREE when you join me on ww.raystoneauthor.org
5.0 out of 5 stars intelligent, multi-faceted

Format: Kindle Edition - Amazon
'Crate of Lies' is a thrilling, fascinating, intelligent, multi-faceted, multi-level, detailed yet fast-paced page-turner with many surprises from the first paragraph – no slow intro here! – to the end.
Yet, there is also room for some of the most beautiful phrasing and description, from the very start: ‘…as the dawning continued the snowflakes became larger, dancing wildly in a frenzied flurry from the overcast sky.’
Then there are the ‘ah ha!!’ moments – until you realize that you’ve jumped the gun and fell for his red herrings! Back to the reading board, wondering once again where all this will lead!
Mr. Stone knows recent history and global, local and political geography so personally, he brings reality and plausibility to his plot and story. A great read!

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