July Newsletter 2018

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July Newsletter 2018
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The Story Mint is a vibrant and inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 


With just 3 months to go, things are ramping up behind the scenes at Breaking the Code: from published to best-selling author and it is a good time to take a break and acknowledge some of the people who are working so hard to make this event happen.

One of these people is Mat Clarke.

Mat is a writer, actor, director, entrepreneur and furniture maker and yet somehow he finds time to be the co-organiser of Breaking the Code; from published to best-selling author.

“The joy is in creating something that no one else could have ever conceived of before, but you."

Mat has written several novels, as well as children’s stories, young adult fiction and many short stories. His range is broad, from the chilling, to the obscure, to fan fiction, and a not too small amount of speculative fiction. Yet, his main area of interest has always been the thriller genre.

Mat is part of many large writing groups, especially The Melbourne Writers Social Group where writers write, read out their work, edit, and support each other in book launches and writing endeavours. And he is also the founder of the World Writers Collective.

Apart from writing, Mat’s other loves are traveling, hiking, movies and rumour has it that he loves good pizza.

Luckily there is a lot of good pizza in Melbourne so get your ticket and join Mat for a slice and a chat at Breaking the Code: from published to best-selling author.

Get your ticket at  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/breaking-the-code-from-published-to-best-selling-author-tickets-45261228553

The earlybird price has been extended to July 18 so buy your ticket now and you will go into the draw to win a $50 dinner voucher on Sunday 7 October, after the last session of the symposium. We will also be offering a 'two tickets for the price of one' deal for five lucky people who go into a draw. 

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It's been another busy month for our Serial writers. Six serials have new chapters and the single author serial Forgiven by Ray Stone is moving swiftly with Chapters 1 and 2 published this month. 

Here's a taster from the first chapter of "Liberation" by Joe Labrum to whet your appetite:

Walking alone in the large deserted city played tricks with her mind. Helen, lost in thought, had walked only a few minutes when an almost indistinguishable sound sent a bolt of fear surging through her. She turned in a vain attempt to discover the source of what she was sure were footsteps matching hers stride for stride. Heavy storm clouds choked out the sun giving the illusion of dusk.  She quickened her pace and looked around again but saw nothing. Helen stopped for a moment and listened, still nothing.  Breathless, pulse pounding, she pawed through her bag and drew out a torch and sprayed the beam back along the road illuminating remains of bombed-out tenement buildings. In the shadows she saw movement. The young woman approached carrying an umbrella. In her other hand she held a gun.

Inspired? Grab a quiet moment and have a look at how our writers are shaping these wonderful stories:

We're still  looking for some new starters for Serials so if you have an idea, grab some quiet time, write it down (500 words max remember) and send it to Suraya at suraya@thestorymint.com

Meantime, check out Jasmine Groves' fantastic new starter, Deception, Set in Victorian times, five Lords are plotting in a secret room while hundreds of guests dance and gossip. Booking now.

Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to: suraya@thestorymint.com
If you've written a chapter send it to donnamct@gmail.com

Compilation of the next Anthology is making great progress and
we are now collecting profiles.
Our thanks to Jasmine Groves for the wonderful cover.


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