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July 014 Newsletter
The Story Mint Newsletter | June 2014
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Newsletter July 2014

Hi everyone,
Unsolicited positive feedback is excellent validation. Flying Kiwis angel and Company Director, Rudi Bublitz says,  "Great stuff to see

The Story Mint go from strength to strength. 300+ members and growing. The Style Guide is mega cool."
After finishing Suraya's novel, Bend with the Wind  Gabrielle says, ‘I have just this minute finished your wonderful book.   I absolutely love it. I’ve already told other people to buy it! I love the cover illustration too.  I think everyone should read it – a great insight into our cultural differences.’ 
As we talk to people from a range of industries The Style Guide’s™ untapped potential becomes clearer. That is very exciting!
Our thanks to Leif Rennes for stepping in at short notice to do the newsletter. Claire Thiveyrat is in France visiting family....  
Thank you for following the The Story Mint.


Latest News
Awareness of The Story Mint is growing.

Here are some statistics:

328 people have joined our Linked In Story Mint group - up from 300
3000 people belong to our Linked In networks and receive regular updates
510 have signed up to receive our monthly newsletter.

Facebook: In the last week, we have had 70 page likes and now have 328 members. This is up from 220 in the start of June. In addition we reached 7500 thanks to Haare Williams’ review of Bend with the Wind’.
830 follow us on twitter

What people are saying

‘We visit your website on a regular basis. Moreover, we have featured a link to The Story Mint for quite a while now, as we consider it of real integrity’.
Warm regards, Angie, Angie's Diary.
From a writer: ‘I have edited it (chapter) over and over so I hope I haven’t fallen back into any of my old habits. It sits well on Earnest (the Style Guide™). In fact, it sits in the same spot as the first chapter, so happy about that. I think that's where I would like all my work to sit if I can.’ Rosemary
Tell us what you think about our little community of writers and concept. We’d love to hear from you

Moving forward with the Flying Kiwis

The Flying Kiwis are a group of Angel Investors who are mentoring entrepreneurs and looking for investment opportunities. We, at The Story Mint, are fortunate to have mentors, Christine Reeve and Rudi Bublitz working with us. They have a regular weekly drop in on Thursdays www.flyingkiwis.biz/angelic-dropin. Book online and be guided by experienced entrepreneurs.

NZIE and Ntec continue to support the Style Guide™ by promoting its use to students.

A website development company is evaluating the Style Guide™ for analyzing web site content.

In August we talk to Booktrack about collaborating with our serials. In the meantime, check out this link ow.ly/yrOuu by @LMacNaughton and discover how to get 2,000 new readers.

What’s hot with the Serials?

Kristin student, WeiJia wrote the first chapter of Cold. Atmospheric and off to a great start. In fact WeiJia has been really busy because she has also written Chapter 2 of The Vacant Room .  
Chapter 7 of The Fayre has taken a turn into the fantasy world. Eerie and exciting.
Elizabeth’s world in Chapter five of Illusion will either lead to enlightenment or terror.
What’s in there?  has three chapters left to book. Our first writer has written her chapter but we can’t post it until all the chapters have names beside them. We look forward to getting it underway.
If you have a starter you would like us to consider, send it to our serials manager, Mary-Liz Corbett mary-liz@thestorymint.com. They can be up to 500 words long and in any genre except erotica.

Writing Competition

Congratulations to Leif Rennes, author of Chapter 4 of Illusion and winner of this month’s competition. The judges were looking for the best serial chapter for June.
Next month’s competition: I have a stamp, a comb, a shoe lace and a used ticket to a concert in my pocket. Write a short story using one or all of these objects. No more than 1000 words.

Fabulous reading on the Writers’ Pad

Necessary Evil by Dana Cariola has a sense of historical realism and is based in Asia.
A Melody by Azadeh Nafissi is the winning story from last month’s competition. It is heart-warming while also playing with the idea of connectedness through time and whether or not coincidence is really coincidence.

A chat about books

 Book Review:
Life over a cup of tea
Everyone needs a good book of poetry to sit back and relax over a cup of tea or coffee and Raymond Stone’s ‘Life Over a Cup of Tea’ will definitely satisfy all poetry lovers. The book provides us with delightful thoughts on life and shows us how simple and small things in our lives can provide us with inspiration.
This collection artistically combines a great insight into life with a melancholic tone and you will wish to read every piece in the book more than once.  Love, loss and how life goes on are the main themes of the poems. Neon City and Angry Silence are my favorites as these two pieces introduce us to different life experiences which might be unfamiliar to many. I recommend Stone's poems to all the musicians who are looking for insightful lyrics for their songs.
I give 5 out of 5 stars again as every time I am impressed and touched by Stone’s writing and deep reflections.  Look forward to reading The Trojan Towers and his latest novel Twisted Wire.
Azadeh Nafissi
Screenwriter/Filmmaker (Paris)
I am also delighted to share this great review by broadcaster Haare Williams:
The Wind of Change: An unsolicited review of Bend with the Wind
Thank you for the majesty and peace that is Te Whiti and Tohu Kakahi.  Thank you for allowing me to read and be reminded of the struggle of a people forced by artifice of state off their lands and into a wilderness they still face.  Thank you – you have opened our eyes, our minds and our hearts.
Dewing now adds to the treasury of knowledge of our history alongside Scott, Binney, Bellich, Walker and Ihimaera (The Parihaka Woman). Compelling writing which shows how education failed Hāre and Mere, Lucy and Clare as well Sophie, Edith and Frank. Joe asks, "How far have we come?"

Authorship that merits the attention of other New Zealanders, who like Sophie, may as well live on another planet.  "God ... why didn't you send me to a marae, dad?”  Sophie is the lucky one, she tells us, “... I have been living in a country I did not know."  Many New Zealanders today still don’t know their country. And are like the shards of scattered glass, crockery and the shards of broken promises that scar a scorched landscape. 
In this setting is a Pakeha woman, married to a Maori, uncertain in a strange and chafed atmosphere where Mere coaches her in the kitchen. This is Mere; and the peace that is the plumage of Parihaka. Maaka and Kevin "... fight the establishment that lock up whanau." 
Tensions and conflict abound.  "Pakeha woman, your men led by Col WB Messenger, raped our women.” Add the forbidding names of Bryce, Muldoon, Blazey, and Meurant and you have the explosive cocktail for the Armstrong canon raised to fire. She understood the meaning of cultural DNA
And in stark contrast the names that still resonate for peace and justice: Te Whiti, Tohu Kakahi, Titokowaru, Maniapoto, Tarapipipi Te Waharoa, Puhiraki, Minto, Richards, Jackson, Harawira and Hawke. And dates that remind us of our own civil war in our own country - compelling parallels between Parihaka, Bastion Point and The Springbok Tour. 
I remember standing with a group in tribute at the memorial to Te Whiti when Hone Tuwhare recited:
“Your muscles leap and tense
But will not free the wind
Held captive in your branches ...”.
... Silence.
Joe, "We cannot change the past, but we can shape the future.” Te Whiti's redemptive potential echoed in the optimism of Dewing and Maaka for a new generation. "Maybe these kids will get it right, my son Eruera and Serena”. 
“Yes Maaka, maybe these kids ...”.

Blog across the Spectrum

We’re presenting our favorite blogger this month.
Angelique Jurd describes herself in this way: Writer, mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister, Buddhist, Springsteen fan, lover of Labradors, and crazy cat chick. I drink a lot of coffee and champagne, eat a lot of chocolate, read a lot of books and listen to a lot of Springsteen. I have tattoos, dance in my car, and will happily jump in puddles if the mood moves me…
Charlotte Everett, a guest blogger writes about what Anzac Day means to kiwis www.angeliquejurd.com
Her blog site, just heard, read, seen has reviews of concerts, books and shows. Amanda Dick, author of ‘Absolution’ reveals that she likes writing because she has ‘total control and loves the possibilities’.   
Black cat media is a writing and editing service.

Let's Share!

Sharing the work that is being done at the Story Mint.
If you want to know more about the company, please visit: http://www.thestorymint.com/ or for any comments, ideas, suggestions, interest please email: suraya@thestorymint.com

The "how to" guide to writing

Angie’s Diary
Angie’s Diary is an excellent on line magazine that has writing tips, author interviews, publisher profiles, short story contests and life style articles. There is much more.

Read Writing Vocal Tones and Facial Expressions by MystiParker and discover how to pay just the right amount of attention to vocal tones and facial expressions.
We found these two brilliant articles and recommend them to you.
Essential qualities of a good story by Pat Bertram. This article opens with the truism,
‘The most important quality of a good story is the ability to take readers somewhere else and make them glad they went.’  
The general article section covers subjects like art, music, happiness and much more.
In an interview with Biola Olatunde, Nigerian author Oluchi J. IGILI observes that ‘the Nigerian creative writer must be actively involved in nation building…’.
Angie’s Diary is a wonderful mix of information and entertainment. Highly Recommended.

Writing "Meetup" this month

Here’s a selection of events around the world writers and readers could be interested in attending this month:
There are various length courses at The Creative Hub http://www.thecreativehub.net.nz/
1. Auckland Writers | Contact Rachel for details
2. Thames Creative Writing Meetup | Contact the organizer, Maria Lily for details
3. Auckland’s Ageist Book Club | For details contact Eva Urlwin.

4. Scriptwriters' Meetup

5. London Writers Café If you re based in London check out all the wonderful writing events happening nearby
The Melbourne Writers Festival is in August. For details follow this link http://www.mwf.com.au/
The Melbourne Writers Social Group meets every second Tuesday night. To find out more contact Mat Clarke
NLP Superfest: Australia's largest NLP Conference
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) explores the affect words have on our bodies and brain chemistry. It is a highly sought after tool by writers, especially speech writers and marketers,  as it is excellent for discovering the most effective language patterns to influence audiences. 
NLP Superfest is Australia's largest 3 day Conference. International and world class trainers are attending including a founder of NLP. Find out more @www.nlpsuperfest.com


Let's share!

Sharing the work that is being done at the Story Mint.
If you want to know more about the company, please visit: http://www.thestorymint.com/ or for any comments, ideas, suggestions, interest please email: suraya@thestorymint.com

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