January Newsletter 2020

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January Newsletter 2020

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The Story Mint is a vibrant and
inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 


Happy New Year to all our members! We are looking forward to reading the wonderful stories you are going to create in 2020.

We have a short newsletter for you this month focusing on some amazing serials.
The first is The Beauty Contest. This is a delightfully whimsical story quite unlike anything we've read on The Story Mint. Here's a small section from Suraya's final chapter.

"The camel for once is standing quietly. Then I realise it is standing quietly because it is eating Mrs Knight’s beautiful turquoise hat with small creatures woven into the netting around the brim.

It picks out the creatures with its fat lips and eats them leaving the netting and hat undisturbed."

And here's what Rosemary Wakelin, the initiator of The Beauty Contest had to say about Suraya's chapter. We definitely agree with Rosemary.

"OMG! That is such a funny and beautifully executed ending appropriate to the genre. Thanks Suraya; you are one very talented writer!"

Another serial in its early stages is The Spirit of Pythagoras. Shmavon Azatyan has written chapter 3 .... this is Shmavon's first chapter for The Story Mint and its a good one...

"She felt jumpy, and for a second all those connections – her father, philosophy, guide, the old man and Pythagoras came together into something that was trying to reach her. It may be real or not. It wasn’t important. Didn’t her father tell her there is always the dark side in life for humans to seek, find, learn and make use of? Maybe the cave is that dark spot ordained for her, and the old man is the guide?"

Truth or Lie is developing into a compelling story with interesting characters and plenty of intrigue. Here is an excerpt from chapter 4 by Anthony Smit.
"Agatha steamed through her front door and down the long chilly hallway. The Edwardian villa she shared showed its age; little varnish remained on the bruised and battered decorative skirtings and trim. She marched into the sunlit conservatory that someone with poor taste had tacked onto the rear of their rental some years earlier, in full dudgeon. “Scarlet,” she hissed, shrugging off her coat and laying it carelessly across an armchair. “I’ve found another one.”
We hope that these serials inspire you to sign up to make your own contribution to these amazing stories."

So are you inspired? Of course you are! 

Happy Writing,
The Story Mint team

Well-written books trigger the theaters of readers’ minds.
That’s why you need to master showing rather than telling.

Jerry Jenkins

These are our latest serials. More to come next month.
The Spirit of Pythagorus 
Chapter 3 by Shmavon Azatyan
Truth or Lie
Chapter 4 by Anthony Smit

The Beauty Contest
Chapter 10 by Suraya Dewing
Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to: suraya@thestorymint.com
If you've written a chapter send it to donnamct@gmail.com
Book Reviews


Still Loved…Still Missed
By Mridula (India)
Review by Suraya Dewing

This is an enchanting collection of short stories.
Mridula’s love for the environment shows in this collection of tender stories. She uses nature as a vehicle for carrying important insights into life. Each carries a vivid memory or a message. One of my favourites, and there are many, is ‘And Quiet Flew the Little Birds…’  about Didi, a woman who gave up a life of riches and opportunity to become an environmentalist. Her greatest love was to share her world with young people.
When a childless couple left a small piece of forest to Haritham, an environmental organisation Didi founded, she arranged educational trips by schools and other groups. A visit by an orphanage changes her life forever.
These are gentle heart-warming stories full of optimism.
4.0 out of 5 stars
To buy: Amazon $3.99


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