January 014

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January 014

The Story Mint January 2014 Newsletter

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May it be prosperous and fulfil all your expectations!


Welcome to our first newsletter of the year.

We are especially pleased to welcome all our new members. It’s wonderful to have
you join us and we look forward to reading your work. We all share: what we write
and what we know. Please don’thesitate to contact us with any questions or

In February we enter our fourth year and we are full of optimism. This promises to
be a truly successful year as we enter new markets and grow our existing one.
Thank you for being part of that.

Last year we tested the Style Guide™ with writers of English as a Second
Language (ESL). They reported that it helped them and we are now exploring
ways to add features to meet their specificneeds. This is a very exciting

We are starting a writing competition. For details read below.
We are also meeting with companies who wish to partner with us so that both
companies benefit. This gives us confidence to believe The Story Mint has
come to be regarded as a serious player in the online writing market.

Thanks everyone!

All the very best for your writing.


The Serials are booking up

Our latest two serials: The Choir and A Confession are now fully booked and about to start. It’s fantastic to see new writers’ names beside chapter booking slots. We also love to see our stalwarts whose work is widely read and appreciated. Prepare to be entertained by ‘The Choir’. Writers will surely have a lot of fun with this. The first chapter by Kalli Deschamps will go up in a day or two and is full of ambience and atmosphere. A marvellous read! http://www.thestorymint.com/serials/choir A Confession is also fully booked and ready to go. A new starter by Angela Shaw called ‘Kauri Jewel’ is booking. It is full of potential to go in any direction and become any genre.

Be a Serial Champ

We are adding a new dimension to the serials this year. Serial Champs are responsible for running the serial they champion. This involves setting up the writers and communicating with them, then commenting on chapters as each one is posted. Essentially the Serial Champ encourages and cheers each writer on. Let us know if you are interested in being a Serial Champ.

Other ways you might like to take part in serials

Why not:

1. Write your own serial from starter to last chapter

2. Set up a serial on a non-fiction topic

3. Run a family/classroom/friends serial or

4. Come up with another idea.

We are open to all suggestions.

Publishing Serials

We are also preparing some serials for publication. We will announce details as we get closer to publishing them.

Starters (serial preface)

Starters are very important. They set the tone for the story that follows and give writers something to work with. Every chapter or starter you write is acknowledged and promoted on Facebook and Linked In. Our last posting went out to 10,000 people.

If you have a starter you would like us to consider for future serials, send them to our serials manager, Mary-Liz Corbett mary-liz@thestorymint.com.

Writing competition

Every newsletter will have a writing competition. A winner and runner up will receive a prize and be announced in the following newsletter. We will put the best five entries on our website and announce the winners on Facebook and Linked In. Stories (up to 1000 words), poems and prose are all eligible.

This month’s competition:

Hands say a lot about a person. Tell the story behind one or all of these hands (as above). You can use any voice and tense.

Send your entry to suraya@thestorymint.com.

The Writers’ Pad

There is some excellent new material on the Writers’ Pad. Check out Ramesh Nair’s The Burning Bush http://www.thestorymint.com/writers-pad. The word crafting is stunning. Consider this opening sentence: ‘Faith has no remit to reconcile the whims, ceremoniousness and atrocities which pockmark our world;…’

The website

We have reviewed the website and are now preparing to up-date it. This process begins this week with a meeting with our website designers, Sparks Interactive. We will do an interim refocusing which will feature our new logo and some new branding. The next step will be to completely re-design it so that it is easier to navigate and be more intuitive.


We reached over 10,200 people on Facebook in the first week of January with a significant increase in ‘Likes’. This is proving to be a great way to grow awareness of The Story Mint and to communicate with like-minded people. Keep in touch with what we are doing by adding your ‘Like’ to the growing list.

The Style Guide™

Impress your critics and increase your readership using the Style Guide™. We ask contributors to the serials to put their chapters through the Style Guide™ before submitting them to Mary-Liz. Whenever we get a chapter that falls outside the grid, we recommend the writer re-work it. The re-write is invariably much more energetic, descriptive and a more enjoyable read.


Suraya’s latest blogs are on two diverse topics. Earlier this month she talked about planning and whether or not early stage companies should do it http://www.thestorymint.com/blog/suraya-dewing/planning-important-or-not. A more recent one discussed what constitutes power in domestic violence http://www.thestorymint.com/blog/suraya-dewing/what-real-power. The recent shooting of Ellen and Bradley by their father, who then turned the gun on himself, prompted this blog.

Other Activities


We have used the holiday period to plan for the year ahead.

Our focus this year is a commitment to grow membership and expand our service to include writers

at all stages of development.

We now have a Mission statement and a Vision.


We give writers of non-fiction and fiction personalised and automated tools to expand their mastery

of writing.


With our unique autonomous Style Guide™, we are world leaders in giving writers (learners and

accomplished) a self-directed way to be better writers.

This year is shaping up to be our best year yet. We look forward to you being part of it.