Flower Power

Written by: Ant Gavin Smits

Marge looked out across the final set-up and nodded with satisfaction. Sparks and Louise had transformed the place, creating a landscaped, park setting, complete with lake and fountain. In the background, birds chirped from hidden speakers.

She had to admit that Tanner had also been helpful, by keeping Fanshaw, the bigoted, arrogant head of Parks at bay. Marge chuckled as she recalled the man’s nickname – and then spotted him coming onto the stage.

“You are not allowed on the stage,” she called out, huffily. “Staff only, please.”

“Balls,” said Fanshaw. “This is a working platform. I’m taking a gander at my plants. Your load of sissies and fairies probably tramped all over them.”

As he spoke, Tanner walked in from the foyer and joined Marge.

“Sorry, Marge,” he said, gesturing at the stage while looking up at Fanshaw. 

“Do you see that scenery behind you, Wobbly?” Tanner pointed to a large cut-out moon. “It’s a moving backdrop for the mayor’s speech.”

Marge poked Tanner in the ribs and shot him a warning glare. “You do anything stupid, and I’ll kill you,” she whispered. 

Later, the gang met over tea.

“He walked across the stage and insulted Marge. I think he needs a lesson,” said George angrily. “No one else gets away with that. Even Darling uses the dressing room corridor.”

“Not much we can do,” said Percy. “Marge will take the rap if we spoil things.”

“The flying ballet,” said Tanner. “What if we strapped him into a harness?”

Louise smiled. “Would it take his weight?”

Sweetie-Pie scratched his chin. “I’ve worked that harness for the last two Panto’s, and you’d be surprised what it holds.”

“I’ll get him drunk, walk him on, and you load him in.” Tanner grinned.


Fanshaw examined the bottle. “Good gin,” he slurred. “I think I like you after all.”

Tanner giggled. “Let’s take a walk on her bleedin’ stage.”

With an arm around Fanshaw, he opened the upstage door. They staggered into darkness. Several pairs of hands immediately pulled Fanshaw to the floor. 

“Careful,” whispered Sweetie Pie, “make sure those hooks are tight.”

Moments later, Marge and Ronnie walked into the darkened exhibition as music began and the stage lights came up. 


He flies through the air with the greatest of ease

That daring young man on the flying trapeze


Fanshaw, high up, lay across the moon as it gently swung back and forth. As laughter broke out, Marge shook her head in disbelief.

“Tanner, I love you, but—”

She stopped as Tanner walked out from the darkened wings and grinned.

“I’m stoked to hear you say that, Marge,” he said clearly as the gang appeared one by one.

“Ahh,” Marge stumbled, losing her thought. She glanced swiftly at Darling’s impassive countenance, then looked back at Tanner. “I suppose you have rather burned your bridges at Parks with that little stunt.”

Tanner shrugged. “You can see where my heart is.”

Marge sighed. “I'll have to think about it, okay?”



We will have to think about things too. Another series? Maybe but later on perhaps. I guess it depends on opinions and comments but we hear nothing yet. I am sure Ant might have a few words to say - he is rather good at A PLAY ON WORDS.