Five Verb Story

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Five Verb Story

The goal is to see who can come up with the best paragraph using all five verbs listed below.







5verb paragraph

To give notice about leaving a job, time is needed to get away.  Harry Sinclair just wanted to vanish from everyday life. The first thing he had to do was rinse his hair and try to be clean. He made a promise to his dog that he'd take him on the journey across country but the damage had been done.  The dog just walked in front of a bus and was run over in a bloody mess.

Five Verb Story


The Gurkon of Sector Five put the retro-space-integrator into damage control as twelve dimension-associated cargo ships threatened a disastrous intersection. Prosylek had promised decades before that Hadyron control would be implemented on a coordinated basis, but he had vacillated the whole time since then. Now no one could fail to notice the increased string density pervading black matter receptors throughout the region. Kaylek was rinsing her hair in her toilet alcove, in prior to going on flight-deck duty, when she saw on the monitor a glimpse of Jostron vanishing down a corridor, as the siren continued to blare.

five words 1 paragraph

The damage, as per the police report, was caused by the fire. There was no sign of breaking or entering from what they noticed upon earlier inspection. But what mystified them was that the person living there had simply vanished a couple of months ago. They promised to investigate the incident, and hopefully make an arrest. But from the way they were going about things, seemed they really wanted to take a large hose and rinse away any incriminating evidence remaining.

Five Verb Story

Clare hesitated to step into the shower, knowing she would have to watch the last traces of him rinse away forever. For one crazy moment she thought she could catch it all in a bucket....his essence, and her tears. All in one morning, in one minute really, the glorious promise of endless love had disappeared. She had watched it vanish in the turning of his back. But life would just go on oblivious to her pain. No-one would notice the damage, but still she wondered how a broken heart could go on beating.

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