December 2018

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December 2018
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The Story Mint is a vibrant and inspirational community of writers who celebrate one another's successes. 



2018 was a BIG year at The Story Mint. We celebrated significant milestones and achievements and we could not have done any of it without the enthusiasm and support of many many people behind the scenes. To these wonderful people, and to all our readers, members and friends, we send you greetings for a happy holiday, and our best wishes for a successful 2019.

We are definitely looking forward to a break to recharge our batteries but before we go, our final newsletter for the year ......


Everyone Has a Story: Anthology Two is now available to purchase through The Story MintAmazon or Smashwords. It's a great holiday read and at US$9.95 on Amazon, it's a great gift too. The ebook, kindle and electronic versions are available at Smashwords for US$2.99

The Anthology is the first book published by The Story Mint which is very exciting. As a book publisher, we can offer authors a variety of services to get their manuscript into the hands of readers.

Contact for more details.

After our super busy month in November, Serials slowed a little this month but we still have new chapters for you to read: Halloween chapter 3, Lawnmarket chapter 7, Nestor, Lester and Esther chapter 6.

And last, but not least, we'd like to remind our members to make sure your membership to The Story Mint is up to date. If you are not a member, sign up as soon as possible. As an aspiring writer, you can't afford to miss out on these great benefits....

  • Unlimited use of Stylefit™ an automated technology that gives writers feedback
  • Belonging to an international community of writers who also give feedback if requested
  • Collaborative chapter writing for our serials; serial chapters are promoted to over 25,000 online readers
  • A selection of our best serials are published in our annual Anthology Everyone Has a Story
  • Special member rates for editing, assessment and personalised feedback on individual pieces of writing
  • Promotion to agents/publishers and of publications for a special rate
  • Workshops and an annual symposium somewhere in the world
If you have any questions about membership, please contact Joe

The Story Mint owes its success to the absolutely amazing community of writers who support it by running groups, managing sections like the serials, supporting events like the symposium, producing publications, looking after membership, keeping social media active and much, much more. Thank-you

We appreciate everything you do.
All the very best for happy holidays and a truly successful 2019.

Suraya and the team.


Everyone Has a Story
Anthology Two

Our grateful thanks to our editing team: Flo Ginsburg (USA), Donna McTavish (NZ, and Suraya Dewing (NZ).
Our grateful thanks to our publishing team: Ray Stone (Cyprus), Leif Rennes (Scotland) and Anthony Smits (Samos Island).

'Everyone Has a Story, Anthology Two', is an anthology of collaboratively written stories by authors around the world. Every chapter is crafted by a dedicated writer aiming for success. In the stories, you will meet fascinating and enigmatic characters such as the manipulative Clarke in '640 Express' or Summer, who is mysteriously abducted in 'The Assault'. In 'The Diary of Pearl Farrell', Pearl sails across the world to marry a clergyman she barely knows. The year is 1873. In 'Sweet Dreams' Kali stumbles upon a wounded Fawn who magically changes her life and lonely Chetna meets Dr. Batra in the gentle romance,' Moonlight' and many more...

Go to The Story Mint or
Amazon   for paper back (US$9.95)
or Smashwords for ebook (US 2.99)

Hold a book in your hand and you're a pilgrim at the gates of a new city.
Anne Michaels, Canadian poet and author.

To Members
From Ideation to publication

The journey from idea to publication is enormously challenging. Making a living as a writer is even more challenging. An aspiring writer quickly discovers that the journey is often lonely and disheartening.

At first it may seem that one draft is all it takes to write a best-seller. But the committed writer soon learns there are many rewrites and redrafts required before a reader will buy a book with his or her name on it.

A writer has to be determined and absolutely determined to succeed.

The Story Mint community completely understands this reality.

It supports and encourages writers to achieve their writing dream by providing a clear PATH TO PUBLICATION.

We grow your readership numbers, something publishers encourage, with an ongoing social media marketing campaign. You occasionally write 500 word chapters for our serial writing programme. The added bonus is you will be published in our annual Anthology, Everyone Has a Story.

For US$50 a year that is  significant value.

Subscribe  and add new chapters to your unimaginably exciting success story.

*Please Note: Free membership ends on 31 January 2019.

Linda Alley gives us her experience of writing serial chapters and why it is such a good way to develop writing skills.

"Details make stories richer. I always worried that if I took out too much, the audience wouldn’t be able to connect with my characters.  

So I started to contributing to The Story Mint’s multi-author serials. Each serial contains a preface and 10 chapters. In each chapter, contributors have 500 words to develop the story before the next writer takes over. I’d often end up writing about 700-800 words and would have to go through and work out what to take out. Practicing this regularly helped me learn that less is more and how to achieve this without compromising the reader’s experience."

Members can also write single author serials and set their own word limit and number of chapters.

Recently published chapters.

Halloween chapter 3
Abhimanyu Jamwal
Lawnmarket chapter 7
Joe Labrum
Nestor, Lester and Esther chapter 6.
Diana Labrum
Each of these chapters demonstrate different aspects of tremendous writing talent. Each story is fun to read and leaves the reader looking forward to the next chapter.

A further benefit of writing chapters.
Every chapter is promoted on social media. This enables writers to gain a following and develop a profile which gives writers an advantage when they approach a publisher.

Happy writing everyone!

Who to send your starters and chapters to:
If you have a starter send it to:
If you've written a chapter send it to
Important Membership News

From Ideation to publication
This year we expanded our services to include a full support to writers from concept to publication.

This means we can no longer offer free access to The Story Mint as of January 31st 2019.
We have, however, set the membership rate at a standard price of US$50 per year. This entitles you to full access to everything we offer including Stylefit™, our self-directed writing coach.

Additionally we offer special member rates for professional editing, publishing advice, manuscript feedback and representation to agents/publishers.
Other benefits will include special rates to attend workshops and our symposium.

We do sincerely hope you value being part of our vibrant writing community and  continue with us.
Over the next few weeks we will be in touch to give you more detail about how being a member of The Story Mint will enable to you to successfully follow your writing dream.

If you would like to discuss your membership please contact Joe Labrum on
To join, go to membership
Happy writing!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support in 2018.
We look forward to an amazing year with many
successful writing milestones in 2019!
Join The Story Mint and book to write a chapter in one of
our many serials, use Stylefit™ and meet other writers.
The first 20 memberships will receive a FREE assessment
of a piece of writing (up to 20,000 words)

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