Chapter 9

Written by: annetteconnor

     “Heffalumps and Woozles!” David heard Robin cry from behind the stumps. Something whizzed past his ear. The torch arched into the air, twirling its light through the clearing. In one strobing second, David saw a glint of steel and in another, just before the torch hit the ground, he saw the face of death – eyes gleaming red, mouth drawn down in a vicious snarl.

     David ducked and rolled forward, ignoring the pain as a sharp rock tore into his shoulder. The face lit up again as the gun fired into the bushes where Robin and Lizzie crouched. David reached back for the rock, wrenching it from the earth. The dirt-encrusted bottom fit perfectly in his palm. He lunged forward again, driving the pointed edge of the rock into the man’s foot.

     The man screamed and the gun went off. David felt the burn of the bullet as it went through the leg of his jeans. He bellowed with rage and fear and struck again, driving the rock into the man’s inner thigh. He then surged forward to knock the man down.

     Shouts from all sides sounded from around him, but David concentrated on the man and the gun. He plunged the rock into what he hoped was the man’s head. He heard a cracking, crunching noise and warm fluid spurted onto his hand.  Heart pounding, he groped for the gun and took it from the man’s limp hand.

     “David, look out!” Lizzie’s voice called out in the darkness.

     Two beams of light danced into the clearing. “Drop your weapon,” one of the dark shapes behind the torchlight commanded. “Police!”

     The gun slipped from David’s fingers. He sank back on his heels and started to shake. The two officers moved forward. One scooped up the gun; the other knelt next to the prone form on the ground.

     “He’s alive,” he announced, pressing two fingers into the man’s neck. As if on cue, the man groaned.

     Lizzie and Robin appeared, flanking David on either side. Lizzie gasped as her hand touched his wounded shoulder. “You’re hurt!”

     “It’s nothing,” David managed. “Where are Peter and Frances?”

     The policeman shoved the gun into his belt and shone his torch over David’s back and leg. “You’ll need to be looked at, kid. But you’ll live.”

       “You were told to head back to the car park,” the other officer said, getting to his feet. “You’re lucky he didn’t kill one or all of you.”

     “There’s two more of us out here somewhere,” Robin said.

     “Right,” the first officer agreed. “And we’ll be better able to find them if we’re not worrying about you. This isn’t a Scooby Doo mystery. Take my torch and head back to your car. Get your friend to hospital. We’ll catch you up there.”

     Robin took the proffered torch. David struggled to his feet, happy to have Lizzie’s help. They turned to go back toward the car park. A gunshot rang out.

The officer fell at their feet.

Annette Connor (USA)


Annette has them all springing into action at last and the cops are involved with a dangerous gang. I liked the fourth paragraph - graphic detail. Plenty going on, especially with the Heffalumps around.
It's turning into a fight and a shoot 'em up. I like this drama in a story. Good take on this chapter Annette.