Chapter 9

Written by: Abhimanyu

With a deep frown on his forehead Damon spat out a profane blend of question and interjection, popularly condensed as WTF. Unperturbed, the young receptionist gave Damon some strategically paused blinks.


“Bella what’s going on?” he stood up.


She smiled, not a millimetre wider than what the protocol demanded. “The Doctor will answer all your questions,” she said.


“To hell with your doctor!” Damon’s decibels touched the roof. “You are the reason why I am here. You started it all. Tell me what is going on or I will…”


Damon’s bloodshot eyes traversed left to right, clueless about what they were looking for. He came closer. Tears jiggled on the brim of his eyes and lips trembled. He wasn’t furious anymore but on the verge.


“Stop this game please. I didn’t ask for any of this. Just let me…”


Damon, to establish an emotional connection, tried to grab her elbows but his hands passed through her coat and her yellow dress like a car through fog.


He stared at his hands, half-dipped in the cold waist of the ghostly hologram. 


“What do you want from me?” He gathered the courage to look in her eyes. 


The protocol smile had turned into a one sided grin. “The Doctor will tell.” She repeated and pointed her open palm towards the single wooden door.


Damon stormed inside Dr. Cavendish’s office which was as dimly lit as a parapsychologist’s stereotyped image. A pair of elbows, flared from the back of a leather swivel chair across a dark wood table, welcomed him.


“Alright Doctor enough with the CGI already! I don’t care if you swing pendulums, read crystal balls or bend silverware with your gaze. Tell me what in the name of lord is going on and No More Games! Because I don’t trust you lot at all.” This wasn’t Damon being all fearless, this was Damon still coping with what he just witnessed outside.


“But you trust yourself don’t you, Damon?” The swivel chair did a 180 and now “Cavendish” looked straight into Damon’s eyes.


These were the things his eyes and brain registered before Damon passed out cold. Cavendish sounded just like Damon because he looked just like Damon. It was Damon, sitting across the table, facing Damon. The girl in yellow was inside the room, smiling, only this time her throat had an ugly scar, earlobe to earlobe.


Only you can make this right. 


Go back to the attic. 


Don’t trust the mortals!


Murmurs got tattooed on his subconscious as his heavy eyelids gave in. 


When he opened his eyes, he was standing next to his car outside Shadbrook Hall. The wind whistled, the trees wailed and he could see snowflakes even in the dark. Sure the attic window was lit but so was the entire house. It sounded like some kind of a ball, he could hear the beguiling harp amidst revelries but nothing sounded louder than his pounding heart. 


Let’s finish this.





ghostly hologram is a fabulous phrase. This is a wonderful chapter, full of lively action and colour. My goodness, its is told so well its almost believable. Well done Abhimanyu. You've made the ghostly believable and in a way slightly bizarre which is in keeping with the story.
Totally agree Suraya. This genre is not my favourite but this serial is challenging my thinking. There are so many things to like about this chapter, for example ..... 'Cavendish sounded just like Damon because he looked just like Damon. It was Damon, sitting across the table, facing Damon.' I love the symmetry of this.
Suraya if I ever go for an alias, Slightly-Bizarre will be in the middle :) As always, I get thoroughly motivated by your comments, Thank You.

Donna you and I share a commonality right there, not a big fan of this genre either. Thank you for the feedback.
Super, super, super. I loved the chapter Abhimanyu. Didn't expect this twist. I wonder how all this will end. Damon has reached the edge of paranoia and I hope he is able to gather his senses and put an end to all the madness that has happened. I have always told you and I repeat - I love your writing style because it holds the reader's attention up until the last word. Not many authors can do that. Well done!!
And I have always said that I get super excited whenever I start reading your comments Hemali. Thank you for being so encouraging, always :)