Chapter 9

Written by: Mrellan

Hugo stood in the doorway with his arm around Vivienne’s neck. He fired a shot into the ceiling then moved the gun back to the side of her head.   Vivienne struggled but his iron grip tightened further, making it difficult for her to breathe.    

A light behind the bar shone on Hugo like a spotlight.  The look in his eyes told them something had changed and the steel cold and emotionless voice confirmed it. “Okay everybody, if you’ll give me the ring I’ll be out of this den of thieves.  I’m tired of this game.  One of you took my ring.  I want it back now.”

The room went deathly quiet and all eyes were on the man everyone had taken for a fool.  Hugo stood before them as the executioner.

 “Mama, give it to him before he kills me,” said Vivienne, panicking. 

“It was all just a harmless game.  The ring is really mine,” said Maria, still playing the part of the seductress.

Hugo clenched his teeth; his knuckles around the gun turned white.  His eyes flashed with hatred for Maria and all the woman who ever embarrassed or humiliated him.  He breathed deeply and forced himself to focus, remembering this was a typical female trick, a strategy to get control of the situation.  Well, thought Hugo, this time it won’t work.  This time, I’ll win.

“Here’s something you didn’t know,” he hissed. “I did some homework on the ring after you sold it to me and told me its history.”

Maria’s first husband, Gino, was his half-brother.  They had never met each other but their bond was the honor of the men in the family, represented by the ring.  It passed to Gino, as the eldest son, and should have passed to Hugo on Gino’s death, not that anyone knew he existed or checked for an heir.  When Gino died, Maria took it and sold it to Hugo and that’s when he found out about her horrible perverted game through Vivienne.

“You then stole it from my locker. Now, put it on the table.  We’ll trade - the ring for your daughter.”

Maria tossed the ring on the empty table and glared at him. 

Hugo dragged Vivienne and in one smooth motion grabbed the ring, pushed Vivienne back into the room and leapt through the half-open front door.  He ran down the street and into a dark alley, just stopping long enough to see if anyone was chasing him.  He heard running footsteps.  He looked for a place to hide but there was nothing except a dumpster.  Grabbing the edge, he pitched in head first and lay shaking on a pile of reeking garbage.  The footsteps faded away and after a few minutes, he climbed out.

Hugo waved down a taxi and climbed into the back.  The driver gave him a questioning look and commented, “Must have been one hell of a night.”

“Just take me to The Garden of Peace Cemetery,” Hugo snapped.


Mrellan Harahan (USA)




Well! I guess every writer likes to leave their mark and Mrellan has added a twist no-one saw coming. It's the sort of thing that happens in an Agatha Christie plot. You don't see it until the end of the plot. I'm not to sure about the ring in the locker but I think it pales into insignificance when we read the twist. Can't wait to see what happens in the cemetary.
If you read the preface then chapter 9 you'll see where this story has got to. Each writer has added their own take on what has happened. You cannot predict where this story will end up from start to finish. A great experience for those involved and the ones reading.
Great chapter. I love the change in personality of Hugo who, in the course of the story, has evolved from a not-so-bright supporting character to the lead roll. Why is he going to the cemetary?
Joe--Maybe he has an overwhelming desire for a family reunion. Or maybe there is another reason only Hugo knows.
Oh yes, I like it. This serial has definitely taken twists and turns. Great chapter Mrellan....very well told.