Chapter 9

Written by: Suraya Dewing

“I…I…” She bit her bottom lip and resumed looking out the window.

I knew she was avoiding my gaze and that set my heart anxiously thumping. As the sun fell on her golden hair, it shone. I wanted to stroke it but I resisted the urge, cupping my mug of coffee with my hands instead.

Words kept leaping to my tongue and I sucked them away with another gulp of coffee. Meantime, her coffee was going cold. Her fingers threaded through each other…over and under, over and under. 

She tried again, shooting me a brave smile. “I…I…,”

Finally I could stand the thickened atmosphere no longer. I reached over and forced those hands to stop their agitated movements by laying mine over them.

“I know what you are trying to tell me,” I said my voice breaking.

She looked up, startled. “You do?”

“Yes,” I said miserably. “I understand.”

I could hear myself feeling sorry for… no, not for her, not for the girls, not for anyone but me. Sadness choked me and I wondered how I would ever get over losing someone I loved a second time. Life’s unfairness crushed down on me. Then I heard Sally saying to me, ‘life isn’t fair…it never is…’

I smiled with the memory and I was back in the room just minutes before she passed, with my golden angel whom I had loved with all my heart.

I gulped and nodded slowly. I lifted my hand away from Amy’s, embarrassed that I had captured it the way I had.

I smiled, a weak, watery smile, and whispered, “It’s all right. I understand.” I waved my hand around Starbucks, as if taking in the world. With a valiant effort I lifted my spirits to sound jovial. “Who would want a forty something, balding fellow with printer’s ink under his nails when she could have her pick of all the single men in town?” I looked up and forced a crooked grin to my face.  “And perhaps the odd married one too.” I shrugged. “And I come with two mischief making twins who run circles around me and they would love to do that to anyone else in my life.” I stood, swept the few remaining tufts of hair on my head from my eyes. “I think I should go. It was stupid of me to think you’d be even remotely interested…stupid, stupid, stupid.” I was admonishing myself not Amy.

I turned and almost fell over her. Where did she spring from? When I last looked she was sitting down in the chair opposite me.

She seemed to be laughing. I stopped, puzzled.

“Just sit down will you.” It was the first time Amy had every raised her voice to me and I was so shocked I did exactly what she ordered, promptly.

“I was trying to tell you that last night was special. It reminded me of my first date with Donny.”



That's a gentle surprise at the end! I like the way this serial handles emotions right through.